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04 Jun, 2012


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I feel icky.  DH had the idea to make some steak sandwiches for dinner and they were oh, so good, but I feel oh, so bad from eating them.  I just ate too much, I guess.  Something just isn’t agreeing with me tonight.  Of course, the more I think about it, the worst I feel.  […]

03 Jun, 2012


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So, I’ve had 2 whole days to think about this decision that I’ve made.  Yesterday, I was really doubting myself and wondering if I really had made the right decision.  I know I just need to put my trust in God and He will take care of us.  He always has and He will continue […]

31 May, 2012

Interview details!

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The interview at C school went really great today!  I’m super excited about it!  It has me thinking though.  There will be some major life changes if I get the job there.  1) We will have to move. 2) DS will have to start going to a different school. 3) I will have to find […]

30 May, 2012

I got some calls!

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I got some interview calls today!  One called and asked about scheduling an interview for next week.  Then, not even 15 minutes later, another school calls and wants to interview tomorrow!  Talk about feeling good right now, and, not to mention, a bit nervous.  I gotta figure out what I’m going to wear!

I’m up to 218.6 today.  I really don’t have much to say about that.  I know why I’m up, so I’m not questioning anything.  My plan for today…WATER, WATER, WATER.  I have got to start getting my water in.  That’s a huge problem for me.  And I must sound like a broken record because I […]

19 May, 2012

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And here I am again…yes, I’m still here…just not keeping up with anything I eat.  I’m still maintaining, which is good, but it’s time to lose another 10-15 lbs.  I have no motivation right now.  I don’t even feel right typing this because I feel like I’m already going to fail before I even get […]

10 Apr, 2012

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My diet is not going so well.  I just can’t seem to get it in gear this time around.  On the plus side, I’m maintaining between 211-214 and I’m still wearing my 16s.  That’s definitely an accomplishment since it has been so long since I have worn 16s for a long period of time. Anyway, […]

25 Mar, 2012

Depressing rant. . .

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I was unsuccessful this weekend.  It’s 9:21pm and I feel like poo because I’ve eaten crap all day.  You are what you eat, I suppose.  When will I learn from this?  When will I be able to fight my addiction to food?  Why do we constantly do this to ourselves when we know how it’s […]

24 Mar, 2012

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I’m still 213.  This week, I stayed on plan one day.  I didn’t track like I had planned and I didn’t get much water in.  Note to self:  Must do better next week!  I usually eat whatever on the weekends, but I think I’m going to watch everything this weekend and track whatever I eat […]

19 Mar, 2012

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Went almost 900 calories over my goal today.  It was all because of dinner.  Hubby wanted Chinese and I ate way too much…feel sick actually.  On a good note, I drank water most of the day.  I had coffee this morning and a cup of unsweet tea with lunch, but no DDP’s for me today!  […]