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01 Jul, 2012

New week

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Well, today starts a new week.  I have a feeling my weight is going to be up tomorrow.  This past week I did not record anything and I ate like I was going to die tomorrow.  Haha!  I would like to incorporate some exercise in to my day.  It’s so hot outside right now though, it’s hard to do anything outside.  So, I guess I’m going to have to break down and start a dvd…ugh…I hate those things.  It would be a lot more fun if I could take an aerobics class.  I just don’t have the time for that or the place for it, really.

DH is off work a few more days than usual.  They always take Sunday and Monday off, but this week because of the holiday, they will be taking off Tuesday and Wednesday, as well.  It will be good for him to be home with us.  Although, I have a feeling the house will be a mess the whole time…haha!  I have a hard time getting things done with him around.

More trips to schools tomorrow.  A couple of schools in the city are getting new principals and I want to go by and see if I can meet them and hand them my resume.  DH cuts one of the principal’s hair.  I’m really hoping him knowing DH can help me land a job.

Baby Girl is getting around so well these days.  She still is not walking, but she crawls everywhere and is pulling up on everything.  The top of  her feet are raw from all our adventures these last few days.  I’ve been putting Neosporin and socks on them to try to get them to looking better.  They don’t seem to be bothering her though, they just look bad.

My cell phone is having issues.  It doesn’t want to charge some days.

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