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08 Jun, 2012

10:02 am

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215.4 today. I really need to step it up.  My next reward goal is 210.  I have been so close, but then I just get to where I don’t care and just eat whatever and I go back up.  I’m going to do better today.  I hate thinking about it though.  It seems like the […]

07 Jun, 2012

Yesterday’s Interview

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Yesterday’s interview didn’t seem all that great.  I walked in the principal’s office and he was busy typing something on his computer.  I had to make him shake my hand.  There was a woman in there also and she was just sitting there looking all awkward.  Anyway, after he finished what he was doing, he […]

04 Jun, 2012


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I feel icky.  DH had the idea to make some steak sandwiches for dinner and they were oh, so good, but I feel oh, so bad from eating them.  I just ate too much, I guess.  Something just isn’t agreeing with me tonight.  Of course, the more I think about it, the worst I feel.  […]

04 Jun, 2012


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I’m down to 214.6 today.  I was sick over the weekend and I know that’s why I’m down.  It really just gave me a jump start which I’m thankful for.  I’ve been trying to get more water in the past few days and I’ve been more conscious of what and how much I’m eating.

03 Jun, 2012


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So, I’ve had 2 whole days to think about this decision that I’ve made.  Yesterday, I was really doubting myself and wondering if I really had made the right decision.  I know I just need to put my trust in God and He will take care of us.  He always has and He will continue […]

02 Jun, 2012

Good news!

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Friday 6/1/12 The principal of C Elem. called this morning bright and early…8:30am!  She offered me the 4th grade Reading/Language Arts position!