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22 Jun, 2012

Grad school or no grad school…that’s the question.

Posted by: sgregg In: Life ramblings

So, I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of different grad schools.  I’ve decided where I want to attend, but now I’m thinking I may need to wait until I get some actual teaching experience under my belt.  I don’t want to get my Masters degree and then not be able to find a job because principals will have to pay me more even though I will less experience than a first or second year teacher.  So, if there are any principals out there, what would you do?  Would you rather hire a teacher with a BA with no teaching experience or a teacher with a MaED with no experience?  I guess I need to know if the education outweighs the experience.  I do plan on subbing while I’m getting my Masters, so I will have that experience.  So, yeah, something else to think about.

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