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20 Jun, 2012

The scale was down! Yay!

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I’ve been weighing daily and my scale has been down the past 2 days since I started back paying attention and counting my calories.  It’s a good feeling to see it go down.  Makes me want to stay on track.  It’s good to see hard work paying off.  I’m only 3.8 lbs away from my next reward goal!  Click here to see my rewards.  I still don’t have a reward set for 190 lbs.  I need some ideas.  I don’t do pedicures…maybe I could do a massage!  Yes, that would be nice.  Okay, so I put massage in there. 🙂

I hit my calorie goal yesterday.  I was actually over by 19 and I was still down this morning, so myfitnesspal must be doing something right.  I tried to eat healthy things yesterday.  I only had a few cookies and they were accounted for, so I think I did pretty well.  I ate more roasted okra than I had planned, but I know it’s good for me, so that will be ok.  I also ate an extra cabbage roll.  Thinking of those cabbage rolls are making me hungry.  I have another hour before I can eat something, so I need to get my mind on something else…haha!

Baby Girl decided to go back to sleep this morning not long after getting up.  Of course, she would do that the only morning I go ahead and get my shower.  Every day I hope for her to go back to sleep so I can get some more sleep in and she usually stays up.  Well, this morning I went ahead and got a shower to prepare for the day and then she wants to go back to bed.  Yep, that’s how it goes.

Speaking of BG…I hear her now.  She’s awake from her little nap.

Have a good day!

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1 | sunnydayz

June 20th, 2012 at 2:37 pm


Congrats ohn your new baby and YAY for the loss! OMG, I LOVE cabbage rolls…I could go for one now… (drools)

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