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15 Jun, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

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We made it back home today.  Baby Girl had it rough Wednesday, but she was a trooper yesterday.  She didn’t go to sleep to easily Wednesday night at the hotel.  She was just out of her norm.  Yesterday was MUCH better.  She took naps in the room easily and she went to bed last night without a fuss.  And woke up in a wonderful mood this morning.  DS had a really good time.  We spent plenty of time at the pool.  Not enough for him of course, but I couldn’t get away too much with BG.  She didn’t like being in the water the whole time.  She did enjoy her first time in the pool though.  I thought she might be fussy since the water was a little cool, but she got used to it fast and then was trying to get her brother the rest of the time.  Everyone commented on her little swimsuit.  It’s pink and zebra striped…so cute.  Anyway, all-in-all the trip was a success.  Our first successful family vacation since BG was born.  We went to Chattanooga last year when she was just a few weeks old and that didn’t turn out so great.  She did not like the hot weather and DH was uncomfortable with our sleeping arrangements.  We stayed at a friend’s house.  More my friends than his.

So, we made it home today around 1 or so.  As much as we love getting “away,”  it felt great getting back home.  BG and I took a needed nap.  DS and DH have been playing the ps3 since we’ve gotten home.  They missed their video games..haha!

Different subject…

I joined a new challenge on the forum.  It’s a 20 week weight loss challenge.  I put down a goal weight of 195.  That’s about 21 lbs. from now.  My starting weight is 216.4.  That’s what I weighed when I weighed in on Wednesday.  So, I’m changing my weigh-in day to Wednesday again and I’m getting back on the wagon full force this coming week.  My plan is to lose at least 1 lb per week.  I want to exercise at least 3 days per week and drink at least 6 cups of water per day.  I’m going to be counting my calories and I do not want to go over 1500 per day.  So, that’s my plan this time around.  I also want to get in a proper serving amount of fruits and veggies.  I’m going to have to look up the pyramid online to see what’s recommended.  I usually don’t worry about that and just count calories of whatever, but I want to be healthy inside and out.  I know I will have better progress if I eat healthier and not just less of the bad stuff.   Anyway, here we go again.  I want to record the things I’m eating.  I think I’ll probably just keep a paper journal here at home instead of putting it on the blog.  Unless I find a good recipe to share.

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