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10 Jun, 2012


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Hubby’s vacation started yesterday!  We are going to the zoo tomorrow and then staying at a nearby hotel for a couple of days.  The hotel has a really nice pool area and I can’t wait to enjoy it with DS.  I’m not sure how DD will take it all, but I’m hoping that she’ll be a happy camper.  I think she’ll be fine at the zoo with everything going on.  I’m just worried about how she’ll be hanging out at the hotel, and when it’s nap time.  She really likes her own bed (thankful for that when we’re home), but it’s a pain sometimes when we are staying away from home.  But, we will manage.  It’s going to be nice getting away as a family and doing something together.  We don’t get to do it nearly enough.  DS is REALLY excited.  He loves taking trips and staying in hotels.

I’m supposed to weigh-in tomorrow, so I hope I can remember.  I think my weight will be up from last week.  I just haven’t kept my eating under control this week.  And my water intake has been almost nonexistent.  I have drank way too much DDP.  I’m surprised my kidneys aren’t yelling at me.  But tomorrow is a new day and next week is a new week.

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1 | hungergames

June 10th, 2012 at 9:08 pm


Love your attitude!! Vacations are the best.

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