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20 May, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Let’s see, what have I eaten today?

I don’t think I had anything for breakfast.  I’m trying to remember if I even drank anything.  I can’t remember.

I got home from church and DH went to the gas station and bought 8 pieces of chicken which came with 4 honey biscuits.  He also bought some sweet and sour wings since we’ve never tried them before.  Embarrassing to say, but I ate 1 sweet and sour wing, 2 fried wings, and 1 leg.  I also ate 2 biscuits.  No veggies at all.

Throughout the day, I have snacked on Doritos, baked Cheetos, pistachios, a fun size Snickers candy bar, and that’s all I can thick of right now.  Oh, wait, I did take a couple of small bites of a strawberry frosted pop tart that I gave to DD.

Wow, I have not had one healthy item today.  Oh, I remember what I had for breakfast now.  An oatmeal Reeses pieces cookie.  And I also ate one more of those sometime today.

I have drank one and half cups of coffee with creamer and sugar and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Tomorrow will definitely be a better day.  The only reason I put all this stuff on here today is because it is time for me to accountable again.  I need to record this stuff.  I need to feel embarrassed about it.  It will feel much better to record healthy foods than all this junk.  I’m weighing myself in the morning.  I’m sure it won’t be pretty because I’ve been eating very poorly for a couple of weeks now.

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