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19 Mar, 2012

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Went almost 900 calories over my goal today.  It was all because of dinner.  Hubby wanted Chinese and I ate way too much…feel sick actually.  On a good note, I drank water most of the day.  I had coffee this morning and a cup of unsweet tea with lunch, but no DDP’s for me today!  Woohoo!  Also, I tracked every single thing that I ate today even though I went over.  I didn’t know the exact counts of the Chinese food, but I just added something anyway.  So, Day 1 of my goal done. 🙂

Baby Girl decided she wasn’t going to sleep last night.  She went to bed around 6:30-7 and then woke up at 11pm.  Then she didn’t go back to sleep until a little after 1am!  I only got about 4 hours of sleep and I am so tired right now.  I took a 10 minute power nap a little while ago.  I’m hoping she sleeps better tonight.  I don’t know what her deal was last night.  I’m thinking she may be cutting another tooth.  Those are just not fun for the little ones.

I weighed this morning, but I’m not going to post it since I was way above than what I thought I was going to be.  I think I’m going to wait until Wednesday or Thursday to see if I’m down any.  I’m pretty sure it’s water retention since I didn’t really watch what I ate over the spring break.  Plus, AF is just right around the corner.

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