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30 Mar, 2012


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I’m at 211.4 today.  1.4 pounds away from my next reward goal! 🙂

25 Mar, 2012

Depressing rant. . .

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I was unsuccessful this weekend.  It’s 9:21pm and I feel like poo because I’ve eaten crap all day.  You are what you eat, I suppose.  When will I learn from this?  When will I be able to fight my addiction to food?  Why do we constantly do this to ourselves when we know how it’s […]

24 Mar, 2012

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I’m still 213.  This week, I stayed on plan one day.  I didn’t track like I had planned and I didn’t get much water in.  Note to self:  Must do better next week!  I usually eat whatever on the weekends, but I think I’m going to watch everything this weekend and track whatever I eat […]

19 Mar, 2012

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Went almost 900 calories over my goal today.  It was all because of dinner.  Hubby wanted Chinese and I ate way too much…feel sick actually.  On a good note, I drank water most of the day.  I had coffee this morning and a cup of unsweet tea with lunch, but no DDP’s for me today!  […]

18 Mar, 2012

Spring Break is over.

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I had a really, really great spring break.  I’m sad that I have to go back to school, but I’m happy that it’s another week closer to graduation.  I’m planning on weighing in tomorrow morning.  I have a feeling I’ll have a slight gain just because I haven’t tracked anything for the past week.  Back […]

14 Mar, 2012

Spring Break

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I’m on Spring Break this week so I have a little time to update the blog.  I’ve been crazy busy with school.   I’m weighing in on Mondays now.  This past Monday I was 212.8.  Going down…slowly, but surely.  I bought a pair of size 16 jeans from Old Navy the other day!  I can’t tell […]