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18 Sep, 2011

Lazy Sunday

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It’s about 8:30am here on a Sunday morning.  Me and DS are hanging out right now.  He’s playing a video game and I’m just chillin’.  I am planning on going to the gym this morning, or maybe the track to do day 3 of week 2 of c25k.  I have heard that it’s harder to run outside than on a treadmill though, so I’m a little afraid of running outside on the track.  It’s asphalt, so may be harder on my knees.  I guess I’ll never know unless I try though, right?  If I wait too much longer, it will be too warm.  So, I will probably go to the gym.  I wish it wasn’t so far of a drive.  I guess it could be longer.  It’s about 17 miles one way.  There is a gym closer, but they S-U-C-K!  They have awesome circuit machines but REALLY crappy cardio machines.  I don’t see how they are legally getting by with them.  They are machines that you would buy for home use, but they are using them commercially, and they just don’t stand up to commercial use.  I hate that place.  Yes, I was a member there for a teeny tiny while.  I’m actually paying $1 less to go the further place and their equipment is 100% better.  AND they have the tv’s on all the cardio equipment!  So, yeah, I think I’ll just keep driving my 17 miles.

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