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16 Sep, 2011

The end of a busy week & the benefits of starting c25k!

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I am so glad the weekend is here!  Yay!!  I don’t have to set an alarm clock these next two days, which is so awesome!  Although, I’m sure Marley will have me up at our usual time, but I can usually lay her back down and get a few more z’s.  I usually can’t go back to sleep after 6am anyway, but I’m gonna try tomorrow…haha!

Something that I never thought I would find myself doing is anticipating the next day to do my run for c25k.  I look forward to those gym days and I love the walk/run intervals.  I love how I work up a sweat and how my face is still red for a good hour after I workout.  I love how my calves and thighs burn.  I love that my pants are starting to fit better and my knees do not hurt as bad anymore.  I love that awesome feeling I have after I complete the runs knowing that I gave it my all and I did not give up.  I love being able to outrun someone who is MUCH thinner than me on the treadmill next to me.  I love that I have had to start constantly pulling my workout pants up when I’m running. (It’s time to buy some new ones!)  I love that I can do my jog and carry a conversation at the same time.  I love this extra burst of energy I have seem to found since I’ve started doing the c25k program.  I love that I can actually fall asleep at night when I go to bed.  I love how exercising keeps the stress from school and parenting away.  I love how people start talking about how they need to start exercising and eating better because I walk in to class after a workout and I am glowing.  I love that I can refuse to go on a cupcake run with the other girls because I know that it would not be good for me.  I love how I am not tempted by candy bars anymore.  I love that I love to drink water now and I can never seem to get enough (I don’t love how I have to go pee every hour though).

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