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14 Sep, 2011

C25K Week 2 Day 1

Posted by: sgregg In: Exercise

I forgot to post about my first day of week 2.  It started out with a 5 minute brisk walk, and then 90 seconds run and 2 min. walk intervals for the next 20 minutes and then ended with a 5 minute brisk walk.  I made it through!  I was hurting toward the end and my right foot fell asleep, but I did it!  I am so proud of myself.  I just love that feeling of accomplishment.  I’m really liking this program so far.  It goes by so fast for me since I am waiting on the lady on the podcast to tell me when to run and walk.  I did have some knee pain yesterday, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  I know it’s because my body isn’t used to running for so long and the fact that I’m so overweight.

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