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29 Aug, 2011

Back on track…

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Man, this weekend was rough.  I ate, and ate, and ate, and ate.  And it was mostly salty foods on top of that.  So, yes, my weight was up this morning and I’m expecting a gain for tomorrow.  I will be VERY surprised if I am lower than I was last week.  So, I just looked at my last post and I was talking about being off plan then too, so let’s just say it was a bad week..ha!  I am trying to get all my water in today too.  Gosh, it’s been horrible, I guess, since my last weigh-in.  I have GOT to stay motivated this time and I know I can.  I think a little over a month is as long as I’ve counted calories before.  I was looking at myplate on and the longest I tracked was a month and about a week.  After that, I was just tracking here and there and never stayed consistent with it.  So, I am determined NOT to do that this time.  I am going to stay on track and I am going to lose this weight and I am going to get healthy so I can do the things I want to do before my life is over!!  I think if I just keep reminding myself why I started this journey then I should be able to stick with it.  Yes, it’s hard, but I will love myself so much more if I can finally just stick with something and finish it.  I owe this to myself…I…AM…WORTH…IT!

I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow morning before class.  I will post on how that goes.

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