This is the comment I hear almost everyday!! The most awsum thing about losing weight (besides fitting into your old clothes??), you never get tired of hearing the recognition for your success. It’s no secret how hard it is to lose weight, especially those who have struggled for most their lives. It’s an amazing feeling to have accomplish what so many try and fail to do. I think the #1 thing that a person needs to have in order to succeed is the drive and motivation. I did many different things to aid me in weightloss and looking back now it was almost as if I expected those things to do all the work while I sat back and reaped the benefits. We all do it at one time or another, there’s no short cut! You put in your time or you continue to be unhappy. I look back at myself 2 months ago, I was unhappy, insecure and my weight controlled every aspect of my life. I will never let that happen again, I had my “ahahah” moment and decided that this was bullshit and no more! Today I feel confident, I am happy, I’m excited to get married and wear my wedding dress proudly, I look forward to wearing a bikini on my honeymoon and maybe donning a lil’ naughty lingerie for my soon to be husband.

As women, we are almost “defined” by how we look and it says alot about how we feel about ourselves. I don’t see this changing. That by no stretch means that we all need to be a size 2. I think if we all find a place where we’re happy and comfortable in our own skin then that’s all that matters. My wish for everyone out there trying to lose weight is that they don’t lose hope, and to remember that no one in this world is responsible for your destiny but yourself. Elbow to the grind and make your goals reality!