Surprising Look in the Mirror

Well, I bet some of you have been wondering where I’ve been. It’s been quite a few months and the changes have been astronomical. When we last met, I was recovering from my surgery in February and I had to stop the program because surgery can be dangerous when you’re in ketosis. I rebounded relatively […]

People Like Us

I’m at the point in my weight loss where it’s pretty significant. Even though I think I struggle with seeing it in myself I can’t help but to notice the reactions of people who haven’t seen me in a while. I posted a picture of my husband and I on Valentine’s Day on Facebook and […]

The Cold Feeling of Responsibility

So, things were progressing along just fine and then SLAP! My surgery was scheduled for January 30th and I had to be out of ketosis. It was a breeze the first time and I got back on track right away after I had to switch the dates. This time building on the ease of my last […]

How I Almost Lost It

This journey is one of extreme ups and downs and I was definitely having more ups than downs then came Christmas. I really thought how I took Thanksgiving and spanked its behind would make Christmas a breeze. There are so many other things to think about with Christmas and not just strapping on the feedbag […]

Feeling My Feelings

I’ve been a bit… shall we say… CURT lately. I guess it’s probably more accurate to say that I’ve been a B!%@h. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been in the running for The Most Patient Person on Earth but I have been able to control my curtness to a reasonable degree. Until lately. […]

What Weighs 30 Pounds?

This past Friday I crossed the 30 pound weight loss milestone. It’s amazing to see just how much I’ve changed in 5 short weeks. I’m noticing that my t-shirts appear longer, I’m on the first hooks on my bras and my pants look like they belong to someone else. Trying to put that visually I did […]

7 Days Until The FEAST-O-CRAZY

Thanksgiving. Goodness. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the kick off of every possible sweet, savory, and amazing food on Earth slathered in butter, dusted with sugar, and personally kissed by Paula Deen. It’s where men, women, and children of all ages don their elastic waist pants, crack their knuckles and dive head first into gravy. It’s also […]

28 days 27 Pounds

I had my fourth weigh in today and I was nervous. Last week I had a banner week. I ate well, took my vitamins, drank loads of water and I felt so in my stride. Then came this week like a freight train! Losing work days to the storm made things challenging. I didn’t want […]

More Than A Potato

I’m not a cook. I’ve never been a cook and I don’t like cooking. I’m blessed in the fact that my husband is a great cook and does all of the cooking and grocery shopping. I can’t stand grocery shopping.  It takes forever, there’s ten billion of everything and I would just rather not do it. […]

Weight Anxiety

I told myself all day yesterday: Do NOT freak out about tomorrow! I can be a bit of a weight obsessive when I’m on a program. I think I just want to see that the sacrifice is heading somewhere. I decided that this time I’m only going to weigh myself at the facility and not […]