Surviving Thanksgiving

I’ve been stressing Thanksgiving since October 11th. That was day I walked into Ideal Protein. Of all the days that were to come Thanksgiving gave me the most anxiety. I wrote in my food journal on November 1st to say to myself every day: It’s just another day, not a license to eat. T minus […]

Victory in Cotton

Today is Day 5 of Ideal Protein. I haven’t weighed myself and I have no plans to until my scheduled weigh ins at the facility. I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost and since I can become a bit crazy obsessive extremely interested with daily weigh ins I’ve decided to get weighed there […]

Traditions and Excuses

Immediately following our wedding we took our beautiful cake top and placed it in a box and I wrote in Sharpie DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 10/15/12. After I wrote it and looked at the box I remember feeling like that was forever away. A year seemed like an eternity. Here we are a year later […]

Hungry? No!

It’s Day 3 of IP and I have to say that the weirdest thing is that I haven’t been hungry AT ALL and I’m following the protocol without fail. More than not being hungry, I find myself not thinking about food. I’m the type of person that thinks of “future food.” What does that mean? […]