Strength in Numbers

There’s a certain amount of pressure in starting a weight loss program. Once people know you’re doing something — no mater what it is — they have something to say. Sometimes positive and really good but more often than not it begins the barrage of comments like: Are you supposed to eat that? Why can’t […]

Fat Pants Insurance

Sometimes, weight gain is so slow it’s almost invisible. It feels like one moment you’re on your best behavior and things are going well and somehow — seemingly overnight — you’re back in your fat pants and you don’t know exactly when it happened. I knew I was gaining weight but I didn’t know that […]

Hungry? No!

It’s Day 3 of IP and I have to say that the weirdest thing is that I haven’t been hungry AT ALL and I’m following the protocol without fail. More than not being hungry, I find myself not thinking about food. I’m the type of person that thinks of “future food.” What does that mean? […]

Day 2: Surprisingly Happy

I’ve been on many diets. Too many diets. Usually after the first day of no carbs I’m ready to jump out of a window — correction — I’m ready to throw someone out of a window. What’s different about this program that I can immediately see is that it isn’t just a “shake loss.” So […]