Weight Anxiety

I told myself all day yesterday: Do NOT freak out about tomorrow! I can be a bit of a weight obsessive when I’m on a program. I think I just want to see that the sacrifice is heading somewhere. I decided that this time I’m only going to weigh myself at the facility and not […]

Day 2: Surprisingly Happy

I’ve been on many diets. Too many diets. Usually after the first day of no carbs I’m ready to jump out of a window — correction — I’m ready to throw someone out of a window. What’s different about this program that I can immediately see is that it isn’t just a “shake loss.” So […]

An Ideal Start

So, I’ve been pondering and pondering what program or surgery I should take to begin my new healthy lifestyle and as I pondered I realized that my whole problem is the pondering. I will analyze, weigh out, make pros and cons lists, and everything else with absolutely no ACTION at all. That could be one […]