Anxiety For Nothing

I’ve been a walking freak show lately. Since I came out of ketosis for my surgery I’ve had a hell of a time getting back into the swing of things. As the days progressed I started feeling like I was this huge, blubbering mess and that I must have gained 10,000 pounds (yes, unreasonable but […]

How I Almost Lost It

This journey is one of extreme ups and downs and I was definitely having more ups than downs then came Christmas. I really thought how I took Thanksgiving and spanked its behind would make Christmas a breeze. There are so many other things to think about with Christmas and not just strapping on the feedbag […]

Strength in Numbers

There’s a certain amount of pressure in starting a weight loss program. Once people know you’re doing something — no mater what it is — they have something to say. Sometimes positive and really good but more often than not it begins the barrage of comments like: Are you supposed to eat that? Why can’t […]

Weight Anxiety

I told myself all day yesterday: Do NOT freak out about tomorrow! I can be a bit of a weight obsessive when I’m on a program. I think I just want to see that the sacrifice is heading somewhere. I decided that this time I’m only going to weigh myself at the facility and not […]

Going into a RESTAURANT on IP!

Today (still Day #2) I had to jump out the gate with a huge challenge! I never pass up opportunities to see my daughter in college and today happened to be the day. After my Fine Herbs & Cheese Omelette I packed my shaker, the Wild Berry Yogurt Mix, some bottles of water, a measuring […]

Climbing Back Up The Mountain

The strangest thing about weight is that it’s always there. I feel like I’ve always had a weight problem — even when I didn’t really have a weight problem. I think I’ve always equated my weight with my self worth and the crazy thing is that even when I’ve been magnificently proven completely wrong there’s […]