Half Mile Start

Every great journey starts with a single step. After the summer of crazy things are starting to settle down. I need to stop letting outside forces dictate my health. My aggravation and frustration at some of the events of the past 90 days allowed me to return to my full tilt boogie emotional eating cycle […]

Pema Gives A Lesson

I bet it’s pretty clear that I have some pretty bad habits. I have a tendency to make mountains out of molehills, hold on to things that serve me no purpose, and repeat mistakes. I have asked God on many occasions to free me of these crazy tendencies… over and over… and over again. Now, […]

Anxiety For Nothing

I’ve been a walking freak show lately. Since I came out of ketosis for my surgery I’ve had a hell of a time getting back into the swing of things. As the days progressed I started feeling like I was this huge, blubbering mess and that I must have gained 10,000 pounds (yes, unreasonable but […]

Out of Ketosis!

Yes, I was out of ketosis and it was scary! Why? Well, on New Year’s Day I was struck with horrible pain in my abdomen. It got to the point where I couldn’t possibly handle it and I couldn’t even drive. I took an ambulance to the emergency room and after having 2 children I […]

How I Almost Lost It

This journey is one of extreme ups and downs and I was definitely having more ups than downs then came Christmas. I really thought how I took Thanksgiving and spanked its behind would make Christmas a breeze. There are so many other things to think about with Christmas and not just strapping on the feedbag […]

Yes, I’m Still Alive

What’s funny is that I wrote this title because I haven’t blogged in a month and realized that it corresponds with the alleged Mayan “end of the world.” Alas, we are all still here – at least from a zombie¬†apocalypse standpoint. Anyway… back to the weight. It’ seems almost insane that I started this venture […]

What 40 Pounds Lost Means

Seriously, until you’ve had to get on the floor, suck in your gut, and get blisters on your fingers zipping up your jeans you’ll never know the joy of taking them fresh out of the dryer, putting them on, zipping them up and moving on with your life. THAT is what 40lbs lost means to […]

Feeling My Feelings

I’ve been a bit… shall we say… CURT lately. I guess it’s probably more accurate to say that I’ve been a B!%@h. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been in the running for The Most Patient Person on Earth but I have been able to control my curtness to a reasonable degree. Until lately. […]

First Time For Everything

After making it through a stressful week leading to Thanksgiving I was actually looking forward to my weigh in this week. Not only was I excited that I made it through the food-fest but for the first time my husband was able to accompany me to my appointment. We get there and I all but […]

Surviving Thanksgiving

I’ve been stressing Thanksgiving since October 11th. That was day I walked into Ideal Protein. Of all the days that were to come Thanksgiving gave me the most anxiety. I wrote in my food journal on November 1st to say to myself every day: It’s just another day, not a license to eat. T minus […]