Half Mile Start

Every great journey starts with a single step. After the summer of crazy things are starting to settle down. I need to stop letting outside forces dictate my health. My aggravation and frustration at some of the events of the past 90 days allowed me to return to my full tilt boogie emotional eating cycle that just kills me.

I know I feel better when I eat better, limit carbs, and work out yet when things don’t immediately go my way there I am relying on my old “friends” Ben & Jerry for comfort instead of running for a bit or writing.

I used to run a lot and I miss the clarity that comes with running. There’s an amazing thing that happens when I run, especially when I run at night. I’m able to rehash my day and think of different things, and just clear out the mess that tends to pile up. I feel better and I get exhausted so I sleep better.

Why don’t I start eating what makes me feel good and drinking what makes me feel good and running since it makes me feel good?

Tonight I took a walk in my backyard for a half a mile. It’s a start.

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