Out of Ketosis!

Yes, I was out of ketosis and it was scary! Why? Well, on New Year’s Day I was struck with horrible pain in my abdomen. It got to the point where I couldn’t possibly handle it and I couldn’t even drive. I took an ambulance to the emergency room and after having 2 children I can say that I was in childbirth-like pain.

They first thought that I had a cyst on my ovaries after a CT scan and drugged me up good and sent me home but told me to return in the morning for an ultrasound. After my ultrasound they didn’t see any cysts on my ovaries but they did find a baseball sized fibroid tumor in my uterus. Baseball.

Well, the long and the short of it is that fibroids are rarely cancerous and almost never cause pain. I’ve had them before and never had a problem with them and they eventually went away. They just don’t understand where the pain came from or what the heck the ER doctors were looking at on my CT Scan.

Two weeks prior I was in my doctor’s office doing a little family planning research and I decided that since we do not wish to have any more children that I’d take care of that so I’m not the woman with kids aged 18, 16, and newborn. They have this new procedure that takes 10 minutes and they strategically place thin wire coils into your Fallopian tubes and within 3 months they fuse completely closed. No going under, no risk of tubal pregnancy, and the most reliable form of birth control.

Sign me up!!

Well, now that I’ve had hospital-bad-labor-like pain my doctor had another plan. It’s actually a great plan that won’t cost me any money which is an even better plan. Since I’m having some mysterious issues he suggested that I tie my tubes the normal way and that allows him to look around while he’s there. Had he scheduled an exploratory surgery I would have probably had to pay a deductible and what not but family planning is covered 100% so he’s awesome.

What does this have to do with being out of ketosis? I found out that some people have complications with the anesthesia when they are in ketosis so they don’t reccommend it at all. My surgery was scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 16th so I had to eat some carbs on Monday and Tuesday and go back to Phase 1 protocol on Thursday.

I ate a piece of toast on Monday morning and was a bit nauseous after for a while. Had a little bit of potatoes and the same thing. I got the call from my doctor today that they are moving my surgery to the 30th and I was glad. As much as I’ve longed for these items before today they really didn’t do much for me when I could have them. Going back into ketosis now and I’ll cross this bridge again closer to my new surgery date.

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