There’s a McDonald’s!

I always say that I can wake up in the morning and set my watch to my husband. He’s Mr. Routine. I know where he is at precisely the same time virtually every morning. I’m not that routine. At least I didn’t think I was. Changing the way you eat makes you keenly aware of your triggers but also your habits.

The other day I had to drive into Boston and in my customary rushing around I didn’t bring any packets with me. Can we say BIG MISTAKE. I was fine on the way there but on the way home when my hunger started to kick in I was in trouble. I’ve been known to say that I haven’t been truly hungry since 1978, but with Ideal Protein if you don’t eat for a large portion of the day you can get authentically hungry. I was hungry. I needed a quick place to grab a bite.

Everyone has their preferences for fast food. I am a McDonald’s fan. I’m a classic Big Mac, large fry, large vanilla shake kind girl… and I have the belly to prove it! More than just being a Mickey D’s lover, I was the person who would immediately pull over to the nearest sign of Golden Arches and have my way with a burger if I even thought about being hungry. I’ve even been known to stop by one on my way home in the event that dinner might be running a tad late.

Needless to say, here I am in Boston with the worst traffic outside of midtown Manhattan after a long day of work staring down the barrel of a nearly 2 hour drive home… HUNGRY. I try to think of somewhere I can go. I’m sure that I could get a salad at Subway or even D’Angelo BUT every where I looked there were McDonald’s.  I started to long for just a bite of a Big Mac. I mean I’ve made the Big Mac in a Bowl recipe and I love it but it isn’t a true, tasty BIG MAC.

Now I start negotiating in my mind: Perhaps I can just order one and scrape off everything and just eat a portion of the burger. I probably won’t go out of ketosis with just a single fry. It’s Thanksgiving soon. Should I just drink a shake and consider it the holiday?

As I had just nearly convinced myself to sample some food from my former favorite place I realize that I can’t have a tiny bite of burger, I won’t be satisfied with the aroma of a fry and even if I love that shake on the way down I’m going to HATE MYSELF later.

I suffered all the way home but I didn’t give in and I didn’t cheat. I had to keep telling myself that I’ve worked too hard and lost too much. I had to remember that although I’m in the car on a long drive I am no longer the Mickey D’s food freak who can stop on a whim and satisfy a 3 minute craving with a lifetime of disappointment.

This isn’t easy… but it’s definitely worth it and I am worthy of it.

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