What Weighs 30 Pounds?

This past Friday I crossed the 30 pound weight loss milestone. It’s amazing to see just how much I’ve changed in 5 short weeks. I’m noticing that my t-shirts appear longer, I’m on the first hooks on my bras and my pants look like they belong to someone else. Trying to put that visually I did a little research and this is what weighs 30lbs:

  • 10 cans of Crisco
  • 20 dozen eggs
  • 4 gallons of water
  • An average 2 year old
Well, that certainly puts it into perspective!

2 Responses to “What Weighs 30 Pounds?”

  1. Your progress and blog are very inspiring! Keep up the great work!! I am starting IP tomorrow & hope to have similar results 🙂

  2. Please come back and tell me how you’re doing! I love IP and it’s been a life changer. I haven’t been bored with the food, I feel like I’m eating, and there’s so much information in the 3FC forums that I feel like there’s a constant flow of ideas. Best of luck to you!

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