Move Over Potato! Make Room For Rutabaga

If you’re here reading this chances are that you have a firm love and affection for potatoes. You are not alone. I am a potato lover and trust me when I tell you that I have mourned to loss of potatoes on IP. Although the plan’s Potato Puree is decent… it’s definitely NOT potato. Oh, neither is mashed cauliflower.

At my weigh in last Friday our coach had put up a flyer that had pictures of different vegetables and if you lifted the flap you would see the name of the veggie and some facts and a recipe.

One picture I noticed right away because I had it for the first time just this past summer: RUTABAGA! It was a surprisingly mild taste and it certainly wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounded. I was even looking for them on my last shopping venture because I liked it but I couldn’t find it. There was something called Waxed Yellow Turnip that suspiciously looked like a rutabaga but I wasn’t taking any chances. They are, in fact, one and the same. Now that I knew what they were I picked them up and let my husband work his magic!

Rutabaga Fries
2 cups Rutabaga cut into fry shape
Adobo Seasoning or Old Bay
2 Tbl Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Take the olive oil and place in a saute pan on the stove on med high heat. Add in the Adobo Seasoning or Old Bay to the oil. When hot put in rutabaga and cook like french fries. When toasty brown remove from oil, drain on paper towels. Add salt and pepper to taste. NOTE: A nice complement to this dish is Walden Farms Ketchup!

After having these tasty potato free fries I was hooked. The secret to a successful eating plan is to not feel deprived. It was getting a little dangerous the more I kept missing food… mourning food. I’m still thinking of ways to be sure that I say on plan for Thanksgiving! The joy of this recipe is that I feel like I’m eating potatoes… like everyone else… like any other day.

Let me know if you try them or if you have found any other food that can take the place of one of  your former favorites AND make you happy!

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  1. Of course if you’ve already gone through your fat for the day these can be oven baked without olive oil. Enjoy!

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