28 days 27 Pounds

I had my fourth weigh in today and I was nervous. Last week I had a banner week. I ate well, took my vitamins, drank loads of water and I felt so in my stride. Then came this week like a freight train!

Losing work days to the storm made things challenging. I didn’t want to be too far behind because there’s a plan and method to my work madness that I like to keep on track. Putting in the time to be sure that things are all straightened out and that projects were back on track came at a price. ME.

Before you panic, I didn’t eat a Snicker’s bar or a loaf of bread! I didn’t eat much at all. I would work and go home and realize: I didn’t drink any packets or eat any vegetables… AT ALL.

When I went for my weigh in today I still had 8 packets of Ideal Protein LEFT.

Although I lost 6 lbs it came at a price. For the first time in my weigh in history (yes, 4 = history) I lost more lean muscle than fat. The plan is the plan and I need to work the plan to continue to lose fat, retain muscle, and reclaim my health and my life.

I recognized that I did something typical: I sacrificed the time I needed for me and gave it to work. Work didn’t require that this stuff be finished but I would have felt better emotionally to have it done that way. I gave myself an excuse to deny me what I knew I needed to do. Typical me.

Going forward I will be sure to make it a priority to plan my day in advance, put my  health first, take my vitamins, and be sure that I am giving the time I need to succeed.

The work isn’t going anywhere… but my body fat is!

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