Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Needless to say, this past week was hard. Despite all the weather and dragon slaying (see my last post) I was met this week by my Auntie Flo… you know what I mean. When it’s that time I have a tendency to bloat and I just wasn’t expecting much of a loss.¬†Shockingly enough I lost 6lbs! I was stunned. My body fat was decreased but my lean muscle didn’t decrease for the second straight week. It’s absolutely true that if you stay 100% compliant then you will lose weight. Don’t stray from the plan and don’t reinvent the wheel.

As I was picking out my food for the week a gentleman came in and I didn’t think he was an IP client. He looked fit and healthy. When he weighed in he was very upset. Apparently, he should still be on Phase 1 but decided to morph into Phase 2. No notice, no thought, just felt like he was ready. I’m guessing he was really close to his goal and thought that he could just go to Phase 2. Our coach explained that there’s a plan in place. A proven plan that has garnered millions of pounds lost around the world and if he felt that he was ready for Phase 2 then they can discuss it and work it out together. Then he added this:

I may have eaten a couple of candy bars. It was Halloween!

This weekend when the pu pu platter of my dreams was staring me in the face and the fact that I held on to the program, I didn’t give in to the flavor, and I didn’t give up on my progress made this weigh in so much more special. I could have easily been that guy and hating myself for cheating that ultimately only hurts me.

I made a commitment to this plan. A financial, physical, and emotional commitment and I’m going to stick it out, follow through and NOT reinvent the wheel.

(for the first time… EVER)

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