Weight Anxiety

I told myself all day yesterday: Do NOT freak out about tomorrow!

I can be a bit of a weight obsessive when I’m on a program. I think I just want to see that the sacrifice is heading somewhere. I decided that this time I’m only going to weigh myself at the facility and not go crazy thinking about how much I’ve lost or gained or stress out about why.

I read a post in the forums about a woman who lost 10 lbs her first week on IP and I immediately kicked into overdrive. Will I lose 10 lbs? What if I don’t lose 10 lbs? Should I lose 10 lbs? What if I only lose 5 lbs or 3 lbs or NO POUNDS?

I had to stop myself and mentally regroup. I’m not losing her weight and she’s not losing mine (although such a system wouldn’t be frowned upon here). I can’t compare her week to my week, her weight to my weight, or attribute her definition of success to mine.  Trust me when I tell you that this is easier said than done.

Don’t freak out about tomorrow. Don’t freak out about tomorrow.

Any loss is a success and it’s a success that I’m even here, giving it all I have, and trying to make peace with my fat and my body along the way. That has to count for something.

Today I weighed in and I was Zen-like. Calm, cool, and just fine with whatever the result. I lost 9.8 pounds! I did a little jig and then mentally started planning my next week.

All I really have to do with Ideal Protein is stay 100% compliant and let the protocol do what it does! Amen!

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  1. Good Job! 🙂 That’s awesome.

  2. That’s awesome. Good Job! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much!

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