An Ideal Start

So, I’ve been pondering and pondering what program or surgery I should take to begin my new healthy lifestyle and as I pondered I realized that my whole problem is the pondering. I will analyze, weigh out, make pros and cons lists, and everything else with absolutely no ACTION at all. That could be one of my problems… ya think??

I heard of Ideal Protein from a friend and she was doing really well but spoke of the sacrifice but also of the support. I did another ketosis based diet previously and I did very well and suddenly my clinic closed and I was devastated and truly thrown for a loop.The next clinic was out of my reach and I quite quickly fell off the wagon. I actually felt pretty lost and abandoned. Cue the ice cream!

After really giving a hard look at surgery and my thoughts on going under the knife I went to the forums here and read so many wonderful stories about how people have achieved their goals. I thought back over my successes – and failures – and realized that I was happiest and most compliant on the most restrictive ketosis diet. The more flexible points based ones were failures for me. I made an appointment for Ideal Protein. Last night was my meeting and I joined to start today. I loved the meeting because it was informative and the woman who owns the clinic has her own Ideal testimony so that was really wonderful too.

Here are the dreaded stats:

Female 40 years old
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 318.2 lbs
Arm: 17 in
Chest: 62in
Waist: 59
Hip: 57
Leg: 37

It was tough to watch this tiny woman measure me like she was climbing a mountain. I almost feltĀ embarrassed, I almost was sad, then I realized today is the LAST day I will have these measurements! Rejoice!

It was truly an Ideal start to this program. I’m going to be blogging a lot about how I feel because I’m sure it will help me wade through my feelings but also help my hands find the keyboard instead of a cookie!

For the first time in weeks I feel like I’m really on to something here!

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