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Week 1

I am pretty content with myself this week. While I haven’t been perfect, I haven’t gone out of control. But today is the day. I have 4 months until Rugged Maniac and I have started out my morning well. I am having my breakfast, a Vi-Shake and mu lunch, a Vi-Shake is in the freezer. I have all my snacks for the day ready and my healthy dinner has been planned. I woke up this morning feeling sick but I refuse to let that sideline me. I am gonna do this. I keep envisioning what it will feel like when I cross the finish line. I can’t WAIT!!

I’m a little worried (actually a LOT) worried about the physical part of training. I am anxious about it but I am determined. I have walked around more this week than I have in the last 3 months. I need to build up my stamina and I feel this is a good start. I am going to try kickboxing this week. 5 days of 1 hour sessions. God, help me.

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By nishat30
On January 25, 2014
At 11:39 am
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