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New plan.

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Since I am starting over, I feel I gotta rewrite my goals a bit here. I have what I want listed on Spark people as getting this weight of 287 to a weight of 200 by November. In short, I plan on making it to the fabled “One-Der-Land” by the end of the year. I […]

Starting over.

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Seems like a fun, rightful thing to do. Keeping my weight counters all around the same for my “archives”, I suppose. But February 1st is day one. Also took myself back to Stage 1 on Sparkpeople. Now, I’ve just got to get another food scale or new batteries… Day one: Pretty much a success…still, I […]

Phase 1 complete…ish! I think!

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From this entry¬† http://www.3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/forkingmyself/2010/11/06/my-plan-october-report/ <<Phase 1( 08/16/2010 -Date started Spark People- to 01/31/11): Start the ball rolling. No more soda (or soda every now and then in diet and without HFCS. I dont mind synthetic sweeteners as much as the next person contrary to the hype against them. I just go easy on them) No […]


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Now that Sodium becomes less of a problem with the liquid breakfast….seems I have to worry about carbs now. Fruit has too many goddamned carbs, I tell ya! Now I have to buy and cut up some more apples/pineapples this weekend to boot. Harrumph. So, how to watch the carbs, I wonder? Eating more fruits/veggies […]

I’m going to regret writing this

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But I am getting fed up with this struggle. Nearly 30lbs in and I am still lacking in self control, any difference in how I look and motivation is starting to wane. I’ve been doing this since September, and I feel like maybe I should have lost more like 50lbs? The holiday months really fucked […]


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Freaking sodium, man! I am barely up to 600 calories today. Sodium mg is already north of 1600. WHY!? WHYYYYY?! Oh well. Lots of water and working out, I guess. Whatever I eat after this has to be low sodium, so it looks like I’d better stick with my breaded tilapia and vegetables. I just […]

Weighed myself.

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Clocked in at 290. ….OH GOD, WHAT A RELIEF. Two pounds is nothing! I can whip that off, yeah? Thank goodness it wasn’t more. Wheeeew!

No doubt–

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I may have gained a pound or three. Weigh in is coming when I rise for the day in 8 or so hours, but today I was on track. Ate 1250 calories, but didnt work out. So tomorrow, weigh in. first of 2011! I feel like I am starting the weight loss thing over again. […]

Because I went off track a bit! These past 7 or so days have been a bit on the rough ride. I ran out of things to eat that weren’t crap or had to eat things that were or go hungry. Aside from that I had a sweet fit with chocolate alone, seemingly. Last weigh […]

Weighed 290 on monday

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One pound lost? Bleargh. MUST WORK OUT MORE THIS IS CRAP. JUST CRAP. ;3; Weight loss is hard.

…all night long.