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I wont say “failed”. Because it’s not over. I have knocked off somewhere between 40-45 pounds since August. Slow moving yes…but still there. Still accounted for. Yes, I am plateauing and most likely it is due to stress and finances and not having enough room to buy the foods I need. Oh yeah, not working […]

No, not quitting. I was just thinking of watching Children of Men for some reason. Anyway, it’s been a terrible fuckin’ weekend. Just bad all around, and of course I ate to prove it and yadda yadda. Lot of wine, processed food…but I didnt overdo it at the pot luck so yeah. Anyway, I’m not […]

Hard last couple of days.

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Kinda fucked it up. Ate too much and bad stuff. This is how stress gets to me. In order to relax and calm my emotions I go “I’m just gonna eat whatever I want, fuck it”. I dont over do it, but the meals are usually high carb and kick my ass. Fucking hate stress, […]

Coming back down to earth

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Maybe its the winter months or the anxiety about tattooing or all that other crap, but staying with eating clean and working out has been especially hard. Not hard as in “Fuck I dont wanna do it but have anyway” but more like “fuck, I forgot to work out again for the 7th day in […]

Because I was scared. I subconsciously lost my shit for a moment and ate like a beast in a sort of “FUCK THIS WEIGHT LOSS “thing. Why? I said it. I’m scared. Here is why: Here is my comment: Definitely one of those shallow “Thank god I’m fat” moments as the PUA’s are hellbent […]

I havent lost much these past two months, so its time to fix that. Why? let me tell you about the scale fiasco! When I weighed myself some time in August I clocked in at about 318. Recently, I was at about 288ish. Lowest weight in this fiasco so far. However, you know the deal […]

On a whim while posting to a Sparkpeople forum about what my biggest issue is. Basically, during the week while escorting, the Fundies piss me off so much that I instinctually want McDonald’s breakfast. Some sort of comfort food that ruins my caloric success of the day. Alongside this, I end up not eating -before- […]

This is day two of the”One liquid meal a day” project. I’m also working on two vegetarian days a week. This is the plan for January. Be February I am going to ease into two liquid meals a day and three vegetarian days. Yeah, it’s strict. But I love smoothies. I need to get a […]

Because I went off track a bit! These past 7 or so days have been a bit on the rough ride. I ran out of things to eat that weren’t crap or had to eat things that were or go hungry. Aside from that I had a sweet fit with chocolate alone, seemingly. Last weigh […]

Do you see?

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I just cannot win with the sodium. Its literally back and forth!

…all night long.