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Coming back down to earth

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Maybe its the winter months or the anxiety about tattooing or all that other crap, but staying with eating clean and working out has been especially hard. Not hard as in “Fuck I dont wanna do it but have anyway” but more like “fuck, I forgot to work out again for the 7th day in […]

I havent lost much these past two months, so its time to fix that. Why? let me tell you about the scale fiasco! When I weighed myself some time in August I clocked in at about 318. Recently, I was at about 288ish. Lowest weight in this fiasco so far. However, you know the deal […]

No doubt–

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I may have gained a pound or three. Weigh in is coming when I rise for the day in 8 or so hours, but today I was on track. Ate 1250 calories, but didnt work out. So tomorrow, weigh in. first of 2011! I feel like I am starting the weight loss thing over again. […]

I still have to work out buuuut GUESS WHAT. Omg, so. I was feelin’ down earlier, I was feelin’ mighty down (Sorry, channeling Miss Sofia from The Color Purple over here, lol) over some stupid, meaningless crap earlier as you might have seen…but it all just vanished. Like mist, DO YOU KNOW WHY!? Justin, my […]

Says 292-295. So I’m gonna go with the average between aaaaall of these wacky numbers and say I am at 293. I suppose that’s the best I can do, lol. Anyway, I know this may seem illogical, but I am not happy about this loss. Only because I dont *know* if it’s true by any […]

Our scale sucks ass.

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Weighing in at something new every time? First it said 290, then 293, then 297, then 294. 0_o Battery needs changing man. I WANNA go wit the 290, but come on that would just be terrible. XD I suppose I’ll weight myself over Tracy’s. But I am anywhere from -6lbs to +1lbs. Phht.

Break my fall.

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Sorry I skipped a few days! But ah yes, I am back. Had some weekend highjinx, missed out on a bit too much exercise but still going strong…at least I think so. Being in the high 200’s….very high, has kind of worked on my mindset a little. This all seems possible now and I am […]

Holy shit, Twoderland!

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Monday food and stuff.

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For going over Tracy’s house,¬† a usual binge trigger by way of habit…I did rather well! Probably helped that I cooked my own food and all, but whatever. I actually went below 1200 today to about 1,172. Probably less¬† since I logged splitting a dish evenly with Eddie when in reality, I probably ate a […]

Before I start, why does everyone hate Truvia? Am I lucky not to get cramps and headaches from it or something? Stuff seems fine to me! Anyway. My goals and desires: -To be fit and active. No more avoiding things, feeling tired, too heavy, too sick. All from weight. I want this to go away. […]

…all night long.