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No doubt–

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I may have gained a pound or three. Weigh in is coming when I rise for the day in 8 or so hours, but today I was on track. Ate 1250 calories, but didnt work out. So tomorrow, weigh in. first of 2011! I feel like I am starting the weight loss thing over again. […]

November check in

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I’M NAKED Okay, not Hella naked but you get the point. I was in the bathroom and needed a photo on a lark before I forgot to write this thing. -NOVEMBER REPORT- Pounds lost: About 8. Inches: No idea. Still no tape measure Ups: Learned to cook some new things, didn’t rely so much on […]

Before I start, why does everyone hate Truvia? Am I lucky not to get cramps and headaches from it or something? Stuff seems fine to me! Anyway. My goals and desires: -To be fit and active. No more avoiding things, feeling tired, too heavy, too sick. All from weight. I want this to go away. […]

…all night long.