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No, not quitting. I was just thinking of watching Children of Men for some reason. Anyway, it’s been a terrible fuckin’ weekend. Just bad all around, and of course I ate to prove it and yadda yadda. Lot of wine, processed food…but I didnt overdo it at the pot luck so yeah. Anyway, I’m not […]

What an awesome day. I got an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist. :3 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Diet stuff: Calories seem to be on par so far. I did have a dark chocolate bar…first in months. But thats okay. Sodium? TERRIBLE. I’m looking at my log and it seems to go between 2000 and 4500 every other […]

I still have to work out buuuut GUESS WHAT. Omg, so. I was feelin’ down earlier, I was feelin’ mighty down (Sorry, channeling Miss Sofia from The Color Purple over here, lol) over some stupid, meaningless crap earlier as you might have seen…but it all just vanished. Like mist, DO YOU KNOW WHY!? Justin, my […]

Today I got off my butt and worked out. I think I regressed a little in my stamina (or I’m just being a bit depressive and I tried to fly a bit too high) but I managed to get in 34 minutes of activity. Only 7 for the Biggest Loser work out (Thats what happens […]

This week’s weigh-in comes one day early! I got some kind of “NEED TO KNOW” bug after sifting through some articles.¬† Our suck-ass scale clocks me in at both 291.4 and 292.0., taken with nothing in my system as of yet but “puddi”. Yes, I weigh twice just to try and get a buffer zone […]

Now THATS NEW. Seems that trying to get *more* carbs in my life got screwed up. Someone said “Always eat protein with a carb” and I tried it today. I didn’t do anything in large portions, I just didn’t do enough low-carb options. Lots¬† of vegetables and grain today too,so it just did me in. […]

Went way off the deep end, yesterday. Okay, maybe not as off as most would say. I didn’t binge (I havent in quite some time) but I did a lot of snacking. Mostly because my throat was Itchy and Tracy’s pita chips helped to mangle it enough to satisfy me. Then the bowls of spaghetti, […]

I got dreams. Dreams, I’ve got them. Sorry for no log yesterday. Slight fuck ups. Had Subway and it pwned me at about 748 calories. Just a cold cut combo on flat bread with provolone, mustard and lite mayo. :/ And to think this place is supposed to be the least evil edition of “fast […]

Food log, sunday: Breakfast: Ate the 2 pitas and cream cheese. Might have messed up on the measurement a tiny bit. I should really find a way to accurately weigh my sauces and spreads without having to finger things out of the tablespoon measure. How I felt: At first like this would be a big […]

Says 292-295. So I’m gonna go with the average between aaaaall of these wacky numbers and say I am at 293. I suppose that’s the best I can do, lol. Anyway, I know this may seem illogical, but I am not happy about this loss. Only because I dont *know* if it’s true by any […]

…all night long.