New goal and plan.

Since I am starting over, I feel I gotta rewrite my goals a bit here.

I have what I want listed on Spark people as getting this weight of 287 to a weight of 200 by November. In short, I plan on making it to the fabled “One-Der-Land” by the end of the year. I think 80something pounds in 10 months is reasonable enough though I will have to bust my sick ass to get there.

Basically, 8-10 pounds a month is my goal here. For February, I am setting a goal to lose 8 pounds since it is my starting month of the new ‘plan’. Next month, I’ll shoot for 8.5 or nine.

Calorie limit: 1500 a day. If I don’t make 8, I’ll dock it to 1400 next month and see how that goes.

One liquid meal a day.

One meal with “bread” carbs a day to cut down on that whole issue. So a bagel with stuff -or- cereal, not both. for example. I think I’ll let it slide if I could my snack as say Triscuits and Sabras hummus.

Walk away the pounds 1 or 2 mile set daily, strength training of some kind every day. If I “feel” it, I’ll do cardio twice a day. Gonna watch for burn out and be careful, though.

Setting time-related goals of organizing and working according to the Pomodoro Time management hack. Goal of february aside from weight: throw out uneeded shit and get my room super clean. Or as clean as this hole can get, anyway. Working on that an hour a day, no more, no less.

Keep with circadian rhythm reset. Intentions: to sleep no later than 3:30am and rise by 11am to work out, get my breakfast, shower and start workin’.

So, goal: To be 280 by March 1st. Simple!

Now to stay motivated. Will edit this soon with my motivation/inspiration collage.


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