I havent lost much these past two months, so its time to fix that. Why? let me tell you about the scale fiasco!

When I weighed myself some time in August I clocked in at about 318. Recently, I was at about 288ish. Lowest weight in this fiasco so far. However, you know the deal about the cheap-o Taylor scale as I have groused about it plenty. I pull out my highly reccomended and much reviewed EatRite scale and pop on it…only to come up anywhere from 299-302. My heart sank. Had I gained it back? So I hop off the Eatrite and hop -BACK- on the Taylor only to see it say 291 which I have been lately from poor food tracking and not working out enough. Oh, and monthlies…some of it is no doubt waterweight, but whatever.

Back on the Eatrite one day later….291.2.

I have come to a conclusion aside from these factors as well. Yes, I still weigh 290something. However, I am pretty damned sure I started this journey off at 325+ rather than simply 318. Apparently the Taylor scale likes to give some gratuity. So I have adjusted my starting weight to 328 since its gratuity seems to be at about 5-10 pounds less than it actually is on the Eatrite. Yet this begs the question…did I lose that much poop/water weight by my second weight in on the Eatrite or what?!


Gonna go with the Eatrite. I weighed more in the beginning than I thought. Terrible. And now I weigh what I thought, apparently. So. It would seem I may have been far more the fatass I thought I was, but it means I lost more than I initially thought up until now.

It means I have lost close to 40lbs. Which would make so much more sense with all the confusion I was suffering in the beggining.

SO! GO ME, RIGHT? More a fatty but a bigger loser.

I am okay with this. Now to adjust my ticker.

Oh yeah, and apparently my friends are noticing the shrinkage. “You have a neck now” was a compliment given more than a few times. I’m flattered.