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<<Phase 1( 08/16/2010 -Date started Spark People- to 01/31/11): Start the ball rolling. No more soda (or soda every now and then in diet and without HFCS. I dont mind synthetic sweeteners as much as the next person contrary to the hype against them. I just go easy on them) No more fast food. (I’ve slipped once or twice. Got a nasty food hangover after Taco Bell once! Learned a new trick, too. Wait 15 minutes and see if you still want it. Works so far.) Work out 3-5 times a week. (still working on this) Lose 10% body weight. (Down 6.66%!) Get a work out schedule that I am comfortable with and can work around this dimly possible tattooing thing with. (Provided by Spark people) Walk every day. Somehow. Knock off 25 pounds at minimum. (Giving myself a wide berth here. Already lost 18! Keeping it all in reach) Quit smoking. >>

I would say that though I am not quite finished (It ends on the 31st) I am doing quite well while coming close to closing. I haven’t binge eaten much (except for today…well, less a binge and more super-period woes/ate 4 of those damnable cookies/bleeding like a stuck pig and havent eaten much else aside from the cookies and one sandwhich) and I’ve cut back on smoking. As of now I haven’t smoked in about 4 days. I’m really on and off with the smoking. I can go a week without it and then grab a pack and finish it in a day. I’m a compulsive smoker. <.<

Thinking about changing my goal to stop smoking to the end of Phase II. Just to ease the pressure off and stop this resurgence of slight overeating and going over my calorie deficits. When I dont smoke I tend to get kind of stupid about food.  :/ Solution: cut back on smoking, buy American Spirit tobacco and FORCE myself not to light up back to back since they’re so strong. Sounds like a plan to me.

I have been working out 3 times a week though I fell off that wagon a bit in late september. And I have lost 28 pounds. …I think. That damnable scale!

So, okay on smoking. C+

Awesome on weight loss A+

Good for binge eating B-

Walk every day? I do what I can. C-

Stop drinking soda:  A++ (I have not had more than maybe 2-3 swigs of other people’s soda since fuckin’ SEPTEMBER. Go. Me.)

These are interim grades. I’ll grade myself -for real- on the 31st!