Stepped on the scale: 297.8. Wut. Yeah, just got done having a freak out and wanting to give up until I realized a few things.

Our scale still sucks.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.

Probably carrying waterweight from having soda for the first time in months.

On period. (Heavy flow)

So…gotta calm down. There are just too many factors hanging about to let me start moping over this when there’s a 75% chance the number is bullshit both scale and body-wise. But oh boy, my heart is in my throat. Good news is: Have to restart 21 day Sparkpeople challenge, so thats something to do. Lots of bellydancing to go for. I’m working out every day this week. Too frazzled.

Please let it become a habit.

Good news: IT SNOWED YESTERDAY! It is very abnormal for it to snow in Kentucky before a few flakes in December, and it snowed on Thanksgiving!? Yeah, it was like HUGE flakes too! We all stood outside trying to catch the snow in our mouths. Yes, us mid to late twenty-somethings are this retarded. Haha. It was like a sign for an Atheist. Pongo, the god of gravity (lol) chose to smile down on me and remind me about goals, Colorado, etc. Snow in November! CLEARLY IT WAS MEANT FOR ME AND ME ALONE SHUT UP EVERYONE ELSE.

It melted pretty fast after leaving a decent little covering. But it made me so stupidly happy to see it coming down. :3