I say 1st, though the journal says I wrote it on the second. Basically, my day doesn’t end until 6am and I wrote that well after midnight, of course. So it’s the 1st on SLT (Standard Lar Time) and today, though it is technically the third is still my second.

Today I ingested 1,311 calories. Good! Unfortunately some of it was 2 Reese’s peanut butter cups and 1 pack of hard candy Warheads. I just dont do well around Halloween candy and I’m one of those entitled/mindless/opportunity eaters. I pass the bowl and my resolve goes down the drain not with a fight, but with a “Hey, why not?” But yeah, I know I’m gonna fuck up. It’s gonna happen, and I promised myself I would work out tonight. So once I finish this Hansen’s sparkling water grapefruit thingy-thang I am going to get off of my ass and at least do some of Sansone’s “Walk away the pounds”. Or maybe bellydance…haven’t done that in a while! It’s very light cardio, though.

Before I go, I want to link to this video. The girl had WLS, and she is an inspiration to me. She also has the button nose/heart shaped face thing going and she makes me wonder what I might look like thin. Obviously, I don’t consider WLS to be the easy way out, but I still want it. A woman on 3FC told me she got hers in India for about $8700 total. A whole lot less than $25,000, but I am still poor. I wonder though…if I advertised for $10 drawings on 3FC, how much could I raise? Would the mods even let me do that?I suppose I will ask Meg about that. But that would mean I’d need about 870 people to buy a doodle. XD

…Is it doable?

Oh yeah, back to the pretty lady. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VAXKB1r8dc&feature=related

Anyway, if anyone reads this bloody thing let me know your thoughts. About the doodles. I think it would be great if I could do that! I’ve got high hopes, you see. Maybe for every $20 if I matched it with my own $20, it would go faster.

Example! There. An example of my  sketched pinups. :/

Just an idea!