Eating healthy is so weird.

You can shove your gullet full of lettuce, shirataki noodles and vegetables and feel like a rolling fat ass afterward and yet still have only eaten a 300 calorie meal. 😐


Anyway, sorry I haven’t logged in a while. Been sick and fighting with the too-small taper in my Medusa, which I have to go dig out of my flesh again in a moment or so. But before I forget? Fewd.

2 sandwich thins, 200 cals
Turkey breast, 100 calls

Lettuce, mustard, tomato…about 10 calories all together.


Medifast shrimp scampi

14 medium shrimp, 76 calories. (Boy, did they shrink)
Konnyaku noodles, 50 calories (Normally would be 0 or 38 cals, but I got the fiber packed brand)
Fat free sour cream, 2 tablespoon 25 cals
Fat free cream cheese, 20 grams, 19 cals
sesame oil used to cook, 120 CALORIES. (Its supposed to be good for you and a staple to my cooking, but haha…seriously. The oil I used was the most calorie heavy item?! WHOA. Thats both bad and good at the same time. Crazy calorie oil…but denser than all the other shit I ate which felt like a lot!)
Imitation crab meat, 2 oz, 58 cals

Snack: Almond meal crackers made with Truvia instead of sugar, 170 calories for 4 crackers. I made them small, so honestly I may be over estimating. But only by a 10 calorie buffer.

And then 1 Benefiber packet in 16 oz water.

This all seems like a fuck load of fattening ass food. I’m FULL right now. I only have one meal left to go and my one snack which will be a big salad and then miso soup.

What am I up to? 800 calories. Dude. Yet I feel like a fatass.


So, my salad will probably run me about 200 calories. I -need- some carbs for the day, so I’m going to add some croutons or crackers or something.

And tonight? Gonna try the two mile Sansone walking video! =D

It’s been an alright day. Not to mention I got tons of art done. Hrn!

Being back on the wagon is fun.