Which could be a euphemism for how my Korean radish chips turned out (BLEGH!) or perhaps the plastic I actually baked on accident. But! Aside from that? I did well.

Walked half a mile, got some healthy groceries:

2 boxes baby romaine– ON SALE FOR A DOLLAH, BETCH. YEAYUH

2 tomatoes

frozen falafel patties

flat bread

shiitake mushrooms

baby bella mushrooms

Baby roma tomatos! MMMMH

chicken breasts

roast beef deli slices

turkey meat odds and ends (white meat)

White cheeses: provolone and mozzarella (Naturally low fat and lower sodium!)

One single shallot! XD


chopped red and green onions

panko…wait, did I get the panko? I forget

Good stuff, good stuff.

What did I eat?

Pita with 1/4th serving of my Texmasti red/brown/white basmati mix rice cooked with no oil or butter (just mrs. Dash), 1/2 herbed chicken breast; brined and Foreman grilled.  Two tablespoons LABNA authentic strained yogurt.

Flat Out! Wrap containing: 3 falafel patties (may go for two next time.), baby roma tomatos, baby Romaine, one tablespoon of my homemade black olive and garlic hummus, more LABNA.

One bite of my semi cured, foil grilled salmon. Gonna use that in a salad tomorrow I think?

Last thing to eat for the night: Another falafel, two patties only, no hummus.

Maybe some fruit granita, but I doubt I will get to it, so whatevarz! =D I’ll save it for tomorrow whence I freeze them thar pineapple rings

What did I do today?

Took that walk to the store. Trying to motivate myself to get up and ask Tom for my resistance band in order to try the CHAlean Band Basics video. Oh, and more silly Bongo Board antics!