The Hungry Caterpillar!!!

Finally Joined The Ticker Pool! Chose this one because it reminded me of the book The Hungry Caterpillar! (Look it up if you’ve never heard of it! Such a great story!) I think I am going to update this every Tuesday…maybe? I still need an at-home scale but my grandparents have one and Im sure they wont mind me using it once a week! Enjoy!

Little update since creation of this page: I use my boyfriend’s family scale. It has the whole weight counter with the .x values on it, but I just go with the whole number instead of worrying about a .2 loss or a .4 gain. It shouldn’t matter because whatever happens, happens and its the bigger picture Im looking at!

Anyway, with all of that said, E (my lovely blogging buddy) inspired me to add my goals into this page. Gotta love copycats like me! Haha, though, Im sure she doesn’t mind. So without further adue, here are my goals and their rewards!

1. Lose 10 pounds by Valentine’s Day

Lost nine pounds by Valentine’s and another 2 about a week later.

Olive Garden Valentine’s Date (Even though the loss wasn’t totally successful)

2. Lose 18 pounds by April Fools Day

(since there’s only 8 more pounds to lose by then and a month to do so) Dress Shopping

3. Lose another 18 pounds by April 28 (Senior Prom)

Look great for prom versus looking like a fat pregnant teenager (definitely have a pregnant belly look to me :[)

4. Tone and tighten my body in time for Prom

Wear a prom dress without needing a corset to hide the ugly tummy and a shall to cover the flabby arms

5. Set new goals for a larger loss

Eat anything day, giving myself one day to just eat and not monitor ANY caloric intake or moderation