Irrational Mood Swings

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I know I’ve written prior about being so angry that I just want to bust someone in the mouth but today, and more lately, I’ve had some really irrational mood swings. Im not sure what the heck they are from because nothing’s really been going on but Im beginning to worry.

I’ve gone from trying to do homework and just throwing my book across the room because it just pisses me off or something and then start bawling my eyes out. Then Ill be sitting talking to my boyfriend and just want to hurt him or scream at him until Im blue in the face.

It really is annoying and I just want to know why all of this is going on in my head.

I had started writing this yesterday. I had a really bad day and went from in a great mood to in a horrible mood in zero to sixty. It was terrible. So, today, Im writing in a different color because I don’t feel like BSing my way through yesterday’s blog or starting one today.

So, this morning my boyfriend had to take a test at my school (He’s home schooled) and brought me since when my day starts is when he had to take the test. He did really well, just to add. But he left before I could see him again.

Okay, so the mood swings are still happening. I want to rip this girls face off and shove it so far…I should shut up. She irritates me beyond belief and I want to whoop her ass so bad but Im a better person than that so Ill just rant it to my lovely blogger buddies.

Just a quick little congratulations to my lovely blogger buddy, E, on her losses this week and her triumphs along the way! Confetti filled text all right there ;]

My leg just fell asleep. :/ Lovely.

Anyway, Im too lazy to look back to see if I mentioned what I’ve eaten in the last week but lets just say four salads in two days accompanied by strawberry cake and angel food cake with fruit and whipped cream should make for an interesting weigh in tomorrow.

I got caught up with my online course work, started a new week this morning at midnight, and have been getting fairly caught up with all my other classes. My statistics class isn’t doing me any justice. I had to talk to my principal about possibly dropping it if I can’t get help. I am willing to do most anything to make up the missed work and since its all dismissed absences, she (my teacher) can’t say a damned thing.

Well, another teacher just offered to help me but when a family member of mine has taken five years of college level statistics and can’t help, I think that what my teacher is trying to teach us is not exactly what we should be learning. Although, my principal says this is easier leveled work than what was given before this year. I call BS.

I think that I am going to take full body photographs of my progress from here on out. That way I can see a difference. I also think Im going to research different kinds such as facial shots, hand shots, and so on so that I can see progress everywhere. Good idea? Bad?

I really wish that there was absolutely no snow on the ground and the weather was sort of nice so that I could walk the school’s track. Or I wish I could find a place to go for free to walk an inside track but I don’t think there are any. OH! I just remembered that there is a little camp ground near where I live that has a year round pool and hottub and exercise room for fairly cheap and everything is heated. Date night? Quite possibly!

Haven’t actually had a date night in forever. :[ I hope that I can find the information for the place online and suggest it to my boyfriend. I also have to figure something out for his birthday. :[ Where are you supposed to go when you have no money and the weather is in between winter and spring?

Alright, class is soon to be over and I have lots to look up now. Hopefully today passes by fast because I have my college intro to psych course to attend after two weeks of missing it. D: FML!

Everyone enjoy your day/night and keep up with your lives. Falling behind sucks!

Yours Truly,



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  1. RolyPolyPrincess on February 29, 2012 7:10 pm

    Sooophie! Hello (:

    I hated reading that you were having a bad day! You sound really stressed! I hope things start getting better! Do you have a break from classes coming up soon? Spring Break is next week for me and I’m sooo looking forward to that small vacation!

    Oh, also. I get really moody swingy sometimes too. I think mine are usually hormone related. Kinda a TOM thing… But I also get that way when I’m not eating enough or I’m really hungry! I dunno if it’s that way for other people… but come lunch time, if I haven’t eaten… I am one irritable lady.

    Love the various body part photograph idea! My hands are usually one of the first places I notice weightless but I’ve never thought to take pictures. And full body shots are no doubt a great idea. Especially a before, lots of durings, and an after. I think it’s important to document the whole journey! (:

    Good luck coming up with a date night idea and I hope classes get sorted out. Statistics suck. Speaking of… I have a nasty Stats test tomorrow! haha What fun…

    Have a good night, girl!

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