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Posted by fluffysophie on February 24th, 2012 |Filed Under Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Today, I have a plan. I need to get homework done, clean, and exercise a little. Im hoping it doesn’t rain a ton before I can get out of the house and go for a walk.

Anyway, my day should fold out to be the following:

1st, I’m going to go back to sleep for a bit since my TOM woke me up

2nd, When Im awake again, I plan to eat breakfast

From there, 3rd, Im going to sit down and do my online course homework. ALL OF IT. And without complaint.

Afterwards, Im going to strap on some shoes and go for a walk. Probably just around the block.

From there, Ill come home and clean my bed room. I need to change my sheets,¬†vacuum¬†and put away clothes DESPERATELY. I’ve actually been needing to do this for the last week or so, maybe longer.

In addition to cleaning my room as stated, I plan to throw my pillows and blankets into the drier for a good amount of time to kill any germs from this stupid cold I have. I also want to disinfect my room’s basic surfaces, dust, and so on.

Afterwards, I am going to take a nice long hot shower, shave my legs, treat my rough dry skin, paint all my nails (toes and fingers alike) and from there, I have no idea what I will do.

Just a cute little update, Im now down to 305 pounds! Thats another 2 pound loss from whenever I last weighed in. I’m really hoping that I lose the weight that I want to before prom and then some. Im also really hoping it doesn’t all just become flabby skin to a point that I can’t tone it up. I plan on, however exercising enough that I can tone up some portion of my flab. Even found the instructional videos that my boyfriend and I are going to start as soon as he’s done with his long stretch of work.

So on that note, its time for me to go back to bed for a bit. :]

Everyone enjoy your day/night, which every it may be!

Yours Truly,


P.S., I updated my Hungry Caterpillar page, thanks to E! So please check it out! Thanks!!! :]


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  1. RolyPolyPrincess on February 26, 2012 6:39 pm

    I totally make lists like this too when I need to get motivated! Especially the getting exercise and putting laundry away part of your list. (;

    This has also made me want to paint my nails! I used to be really into nail art… and then I broke a few nails and I slacked off. I’m trying to grow them again, but they’ve been really brittle since I’ve been watching what I eat… I think that’s another sign I wasn’t eating enough! I want long pretty nails again so I can paint them pretty designs. I’ll have to post a few pictures sometime soon!

    I hope the list helped you get stuff done for the day!

    Annnnnd congrats on the loss!!! Wooo!! If I could make that font bigger and a bright, flashy color I seriously would. Confetti would pop out of it too. :-p

    Love the new mini-goals, too! Glad I could help inspire you (:

    Keep up all the awesome work, Soph!


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