Cough Drops and Hair Cuts :]

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I was about to cry a moment ago. I couldn’t figure out how to change my font because I lost my second tool bar! Crisis, I know!

Well, as my title says, cough drops and hair cuts will probably be what I go on about the most today. I’ve been pretty down in the dumps lately, rather bad actually. To a point where I, at one point, considered moving millions of miles away and changing everything about me and my entire life or just simply stopping breathing. Neither are a suitable answer! So, I decided that a hair cut and weight loss plan put into action would be the better choice. I broke down and had a pity party with my boyfriend who is fully supportive of my emotional roller coasters (thank the heavens), if he wasn’t, I don’t know who I’d turn to.

Well, anyway, he decided that because Im having such trouble with my lungs and can’t seem to get myself out of bed without wanting to grab a gun, that he and I would start walking or something, ANYTHING, to get me outside and feeling a little better. In the summer-ish time, when his parents have their garage cleaned out and fixed up and such, he mentioned doing the exercises that I had looked up (both instructional texts and videos) and taking walks. He’s much like me and prefers exercising in private versus where anyone can his fat jiggle. Yes, I am the exact same way. I hate being near anyone when I exercise. I always feel like, even if they’re bigger than me, they’re judging me, because my sister and I had multiple blow outs when we were younger of trying to lose weight or get in shape and she’d always judge me and say things and I was never fully comfortable around anyone afterwards. Although, I have found I have a lot of issues surrounding family. I have father issues, sister issues, and mother issues. My grand parents are grand parents. What else can I say on that?

Well, anyway, part of my feeling run down is due to a watery nasal congestion that has made its home in my lungs. Also a reason breathing hasn’t been too easy. Anyway, I feel like Im going to live off of cough drops for the rest of my life. Whats weird is that when my boyfriend was with me about two hours ago, I could talk somewhat normal. Now, I have a fluctuating voice pattern of manly to silent. Not really that fun but it tends to get people’s attention better.

Wow, I jump from topic to topic a lot.

I can’t afford anything right now, and I will be getting a guinea pig sometime within the next two months or so, so in desperate times of need, I asked my mother (who’s fairly good at what she does no matter what it is) to cut my hair. I wanted bangs again. BAD. So She started with that. She cut them a bit too short for my taste but I guess they look alright. Then she put layers into my hair. I will mention that I am trying to grow my hair out to a fairly decent length for prom this year and its on April 28th which isn’t too long from now and I have THE slowest growing hair ever.

Yes, I like my hair cut, but I don’t know how much I like it. Its alright and I can make it work until its grown back out, but I just feel that I really want something WAY longer. Long is hard for me. As stated prior, my hair takes FOREVER to grow out. Im not even really sure why because my eyebrows grow together every two days if I don’t maintain them well enough and my legs and armpits, well those are long lost relatives of my cat if not shaved every three-ish days, haha!

Anyway, Im really hoping that the hair cut and everything that’s about to begin helps me out because I sure could use it. I even painted my nails pink and orange. Pink is a GIGANTIC step for me because obviously I like purple but I tend to paint my nails in a chrome color to avoid bold colors. Blah, Im tired, its almost one AM. Good night everyone!

Enjoy the night/day. Im off to dream land.

Yours Truly,



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  1. dysfunctionalbarbie on February 22, 2012 6:01 am

    Oh man you remind me so much of me. When I used to get upset and needed a change I would dye my hair a nice Auburn or Black, anything to hide my blonde roots coming in. I always thought a dying my hair was the easiest thing to change when I needed a change and it was. I’m sure tomorrow when you wake up you’ll be happy again. 🙂

  2. RolyPolyPrincess on February 22, 2012 5:31 pm

    I’ve been itching to cut/dye/something my hair for a while now too! I love the length… So I’m more thinking about coloring it. Like maybe some fun reddish brown. Or some highlights. I dunno. (: I think you’ve just inspired my very first goal reward. A quarter of the way to my goal weight… which is 196 pounds… and I’ll do something wild and crazy to my hair!

    I also really hope you start feeling better. I hate the whole congested/drains into my lungs/coughing and hacking for weeks thing. It’s about the worst.

    Hope your day is amazing, Soph!


  3. RolyPolyPrincess on February 23, 2012 9:32 am

    OH! I love it! You’re gorgeous, girl. And you’re definitely rocking the bangs. On the rare occasion I decide to wear bangs, I totally look like a 4th grader. You however, definitely make it work. (;

    Okay, just had to say that! Now I’ve gotta get my butt out the door or I’ll never actually make it to classes today! haha

    Have a lovely daaay!


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