Just A Fast Little Spout…

Posted by fluffysophie on February 20th, 2012 |Filed Under Uncategorized | Leave a Comment

So recently I’ve gotten nothing but spam comments from my “I’ve Missed Three Days?!” post. I go through and just click spam mindlessly and doing so means that I have passed over quite a few NORMAL comments.

I do apologize to anyone who’s comments I have skipped by accident and I haven’t actually read any of the comments marked spam which means they’re gone forever and have not been read at all. Which sucks.

Anyway onto weight loss/gain topic…its a new week and I have it off to get back on track with school and my life. I shaved my legs (FINALLY after about a month of blowing it off), showered (after about three days of doing nothing but laying in bed), and I got some of my late work in to my online teacher. MEGA PROGRESS!!! =D

Now I get to spend more time on homework, start another new week of online course work tomorrow night, and hopefully I get to go out sometime this week. I want to go to the beach even if it is winter time because my lungs and sinuses could use the fresh salt air.

Ah, well it’s about time that I go get to doing more. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!

Yours Truly,



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