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A quick response to my lovely blogging buddy, E…

The reason for my anger is that this girl at school continuously has some sort of problem with me. We were friends once upon a time in, like, seventh grade, but then something I said apparently while talking on the phone upset her parents as they listened in or something??? Im not entirely sure. After that she’s always had this undying hatred for me. Anyway, er and my boyfriend were friends before him and I even met and I was fine with that. I encouraged him to continue talking to his friends, and to spend more time with his family (even if that meant dragging me along). I didn’t want to be that controlling girlfriend to those who were outside looking in, because with my boyfriend, he stays mostly with me and talks to his friends every so often when I make him. Well, long story short this girl said that her and my boyfriend weren’t on speaking terms and I asked why and she said that was between them. When I talked to him, he had no idea anything had even gone down. Then, after asking her, she comes up with this whole “He’s neglecting his friends because he’s dating me” theory. Both of us thought it was a crock of B.S. and he went off on her.

Before all of that started, before my boyfriend and I had been together even a full month, she tried to tell him about my past and that he should watch out. Fortunately, I have no secrets with anyone I date from the start so that nothing ever comes up that I needed to hide. I am who I am and I don’t care if anyone accepts me or not. I do fear rejection, but not from too many people; mostly my friends and family, but who doesn’t? Anywho, my boyfriend shut her up before she could get any details out and told her he already knew and it wasn’t her place. What struck me as odd was that she told him not to say anything to me about it. That sounds like she was going to say something more than just “She’s had a rough past, be careful you don’t hurt her” but more like, “She’s a whore, be careful because, like me, you may catch STDs”. I’m evil for even talking about HER past but honestly, Im so infuriated right now, I couldn’t possibly not say anything.

So, in essence, I feel I have every damn right to beat the living day lights out of her! I mean, it is MY past she tried exposing to MY boyfriend before I would have even BEGAN to get comfortable with him if it wasn’t for how I am with people I let into my lives. She has no right in any situation to open up about my past when hers is floating in big bold lettering above her head. It would be so simple to tell my entire school about her issues and her past that she thinks I don’t know about, but I’m not THAT mean, fortunately for her.

Anyway, now for the little update!

After school,  I went to my boyfriends (wow, this post has a lot to do with him tonight!), so that we could spend time together but he could still babysit his little sister for his parents. I love his little sister and his three brothers (the two youngest {brother and sister} are foster children who have been or are in process of adoption). He doesn’t understand how I can love them like I do but I want kids so badly (am too young!) and I have no blood or adoption related younger siblings. My older siblings always treated me like dog poop growing up and thats how my boyfriend treats his siblings! Hard to believe him and I even get along!!!

Anyway, after getting to his house after school, we ended up being loud enough his sister woke up from her nap (or never properly fell asleep) and wanted to come down stairs. We let her and then we watched Olivia (some Nick Jr. show), played Wii, and when his parents got home with two of his brothers, I helped his youngest brother with homework because his parents were busy with things that needed to be done. Like I said, I absolutely LOVE his family (well all but his dad but thats another story). Makes me want to have or adopt kids…or both! I do know I am going to adopt at least one child, any age, before I die (hopefully). That only means that one more child who has had some sort of traumatic parting or will find out about their real parents in the future, is off the streets and opening up a place for the next child in need to have a chance at a good life.

While at my boyfriends, I always weigh myself towards the end of the week. Typically thursdays because my boyfriend and his brother have youth group and I always tag along. Tonight we didn’t stay overly long at youth group but left his brother to get a ride home with his father. I had a fairly good day but after getting into the car to leave for group, I had fallen to some sudden depression. I weighed in 3 pounds lighter, even though I’ve done nothing but eat constantly due to my stress levels, and school didn’t suck all that bad, but something caught me up in a trap and got me all upset and crazy like. I wanted to just cry my eyes out or hurt something. Weird combination for me it seems.

I’m not sure, but anyway, its about 1:30 AM here and I have to be up at 5:50 AM for school. The joys of still not having a permit or license and having a boyfriend who drives but is home schooled with very few work hours lately. Woohoo me!

Good night everyone, enjoy you day and night of the following.

Yours Truly,



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  1. RolyPolyPrincess on February 19, 2012 8:15 pm

    Sophie, that girl sounds like (please, excuse me for this) a TOTAL bitch! I have so few female friends and THIS type of thing is the reason why. Girls can be so catty and ALWAYS seem to be meddling in other people’s business. Nooosey skanks!

    Okay. I’m done. hah I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that though… I can honestly say I don’t miss high school. Not even a little bit. I can also say, that these things that are going on now, that you hope will be over in high school, follow you into full-on adulthood. I still have to deal with drama and cat fights and people being stupid. Usually at work. We don’t get any better, no matter how old we are… We just bicker and argue about different things.

    Now I’m really done. Sorry that was such a downer comment! lol

    Cooongrats on the 3 pound loss! Wooo! (: Even if you don’t think you ate right… I’d still definitely celebrate the loss.

    I hope things start getting back to normal for you! Get some rest, doll! I’ll be reading and sending support!


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