Cold much?

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Okay, so I’m going to rant a bit because this jerk sitting in front of me in class turned on a box fan and its blowing RIGHT ON ME. Need I mention its SNOWING OUTSIDE? AND, ohh ohh, AND he’s wearing a sweatshirt. Yea, nice one jerk! Im freezing my rear end off because all I have on (like an idiot in the middle of winter) is a pair of thin black dress pants, socks, j-flops, a tanktop and a sweatshirt. I just solved my problem of my hands going numb but I still have goosebumps and am ice cold to the touch.

I’m still trying to figure out what college or university I plan to go to and that entails trying to figure out where I’m going to live. I refuse to live on campus because I don’t want to have to repeatedly move in and out of my dorm and I want to be able to stay where I am if I get a job while at that school. Having a dorm causes more problems that just roommates too. I mean, thinking about it, you don’t have access to the proper tools to eat healthy, you don’t have the options to live with someone or be guaranteed to live with someone you request, and you have the everlasting possibility that someone could falsely accuse you of doing some sort of prohibited substance (be it tobacco, herb, alcohol, or drug) and you could get kicked out faster than a spider-legged caterpillar! Yes, I know that having an apartment could be the same but taking into consideration that you aren’t loud and rowdy to your neighbors and you follow the rules, no one is apt to falsely accuse you of anything but being a good neighbor. Right? I mean, take into consideration that if you have a roommate or someone who rooms next door to you accuse you of something because they don’t like you or they are the ones doing said accusations but want to get off scott-free, you take more fall living in a dorm because you can get kicked out of not only the dorm, but the college/university itself whereas if you lived in an apartment, you have more of a chance to justify yourself or find new housing to avoid conflict. To me, it just makes more sense.

I’m not sure if anyone here knows exactly what I want to do with my life. After high school, I plan to go on to further my education and I am aiming for something in the field of psychology. I have more than considered working with autistic people of all ages because of my nephew and his autism but have come into contact with others with autism and don’t know how comfortable I would be if that did happen to be where I went. I mean, with autistics, you have to be aware of visual and verbal signals you send because it could trigger a bad reaction. Other negatives are if you scold a child or adult for inappropriate behavior either in public or private (say, the autistic gets within a centimeter of your face with theirs and won’t back down) you risk upsetting them and their keepers. Its just a really hard choice to make and procede with. So I have so much to think about in that aspect.

I guess the main reason for my ranting and raving right now would have to be that I am a bit jumbled in my life…I feel like things are just crashing down around me and that I have no ventilation system so all the steam is just building. I know we aren’t supposed to use any of our blogs for much else than weight loss but as always, stress adds to major weight loss and gain. Though I haven’t weighed myself, I do feel that I might have lost another pound or so. Here’s to hoping, right?

Anyway, onto more weight conscious topics. I have been eating salads daily, and in the morning eating apple cinnamon breakfast bars then usually waiting until dinner to eat anything more. I feel that maybe this should be changed around since I have really low blood sugars on a regular basis and need to intake sugars every now and then throughout the day. But today I allowed myself to splurge a bit on my lunch. I usually try to get a salad from my school cafeteria that contains just lettuce, carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes and generally, they run out of those types and Im forced to get the same but with dried out ham and loaded with shredded cheese. Lately, I’ve been using ranch dressing which is 120 calories a packet and I use two. Today, I go my cheese and ham-less salad, ranch dressing, and serving size carton of chocolate milk (my “massive” amount of sugar for the day) and I allowed myself to get a snack size bag of ChexMix. Oh, it was so worth it! It may have been 240 plus calories but I definitely needed some spice to my lunch.

I recently found out that my boyfriend probably won’t ever be able to afford gym memberships so I’ve been trying to think of ways to either make up for what we lose in gas money or find an unconventional way to exercise without a gym. Yesterday, instead of wasting gas, I took the bus to his house and walked about a half mile from the road where I was dropped off, to his house. I will say this…I cannot hold a candle to those of our elders who had to walk five miles to and from school or those who were tanks and could walk twenty miles to and from. Its truly amazing.

Anyway, I’ve written enough. I do believe its time to work on my video that was due for a class about a week or two ago (big procrastinator). I’m definitely need to stop procrastinating before I get out of high school, or I’ll be in a really bad predicament.

Enjoy your day/night everyone!

Yours Truly,


Anyone Else Having A Problem With Spam Bots?

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Lately, there have been TONS of Spam Bots all over my blog. I can’t simply imagine why anyone would want to spam anybody else but apparently there are ignorant people who are so pathetic they have to make everyone’s life difficult. I keep pressing the spam button and I’ve changed my settings but they’re all still coming through! Its rather annoying and is going to drive me crazy very quickly!

So, the last blog I updated was that I lost 4 lbs! I’m still excited because I hadn’t done too much exercising but still lost weight. Apparently, I had over eaten even when I thought I really didn’t eat much. Now I eat a salad a day (usually), a small breakfast, and have been drinking lots of water.

My boyfriend and I still have yet to go to a gym and we’re trying to work it into our finances so that we can afford it as well as everything else we need. Though today, I happened to walk from the end of his road to his house (which is like, a half a mile) and died. My lungs are killing me and my body hurts and is shaking like a bowl of jell-o.

Yup, so fantastic, right? I keep wheezing which is probably not a good sign. But again today, I am keeping this short because I have lots to do and so little time.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Yours Truly,



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I found out today that I have lost FOUR POUNDS doing everything that I have written about! FOUR POUNDS! Thats AMAZING IN MY BOOK!

Im not making this post overly long. Im exhausted and have school in the morning but I needed to share the good news! Hoping that pretty soon, the weight starts to drop faster and faster and more and more!

Enjoy your night everyone!

Yours Truly,

Sophie <3 :]

I’ve missed three days?!

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I can’t believe that I’ve missed three days of blogging. I’ve been so busy and so tired and so frustrated…I think all of it is causing me to GAIN weight :[

Last night we had a HUGE ice storm and everything was frozen over and the roads were so bad that my mother told me not to come home since I had spent the afternoon with the bf’s family. I mean, sure, it was all fine and dandy since his father wasn’t there but we ended up eating tons and tons of junk food.

First, I did start my day off sort of good. Can’t remember if I ate anything other than a salad until I got to his house. When I got there he decided we were going to make cookies because I needed some sort of sugary substance (should have just had a glass of soda or fruit juice instead) due to low blood sugar (every day struggle). Dark chocolate chips and homemade batter, so it wasn’t horribly calorie filled. It was when I couldn’t STOP eating all of the cookies that it got bad. If I had just eaten two and the glass of milk I downed, that would have been fine, but I think I ate six or seven :/ Whoops!

Then, for dinner we had nachos. Let me tell you something about salt and dry, chapped lips; THEY DO NOT MIX. And I found out that I have a huge cut on my upper inner lip. But the nachos had shredded cheese (went lighter than what I really wanted), black olives, sour cream and salsa. I wanted to use SOOOO much salsa and I really wish it was like hot hot hot salsa because the sour cream dulled it down to a pasta sauce tasting substance.

Anyway, from there, I drank a bunch of peach iced tea and ate a TON of popcorn. And of course it wasn’t microwave popcorn that has portion controls…Nope, it was stop-top spinner popper popcorn with butter and TONS of salt! So delicious but I think an artery is three quarters clogged! Haha!

Then this morning, I didn’t get much of a breakfast, no matter how delicious my iced coffee was, it has not stuck to me. Fat wise, maybe, but making me feel like I’ve eaten anything, no way! And because I stayed at my boyfriend’s unexpectedly, I didn’t have any of my necessities for a shower or school clothes or anything so Im currently sitting in class with pink pajama pants on with boxers underneath them and two of the tank tops I wore yesterday that nobody really saw.

Yeah, that’s about the sexiest any girl can get until you add in the work boots and aeropostale sweatshirt that adds forty pounds. Yep, thats when it gets sexier! I was lucky enough to have a pair of sneakers at my school in my gym locker so that I wasn’t walking around in big bulky boots. I wanted to keep these from getting dirty from my school so that I could wear them to the gym when we start going but things wound up falling through the cracks. What are you going to do, right?

Anyway, I hope that today’s food splurges don’t throw me too off beat. And I think that if my bf picks me up from school, we’re making a quick stop into the local store to check to see if I’ve gained or lost weight. I promise I have gained TONS of weight. And if I’m wrong, I am so going to clean my bf’s floor off in his room (only place doing any exercise won’t make the houses fall apart) and either dance around or follow an online instructional video for two hours straight! And for a full seven days (only every other day so that we can try and avoid storms). Yep, that’s what Im going to do.

Now to go and get back to whatever it is I need to for class. Big video due tomorrow as well as a two page essay on a critical controversy topic for my intro to psych class. Ugh!

Enjoy your day!

Yours Truly,

Sophie :]

Space Race?

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Date night ceased to happen tonight but Im still trying to figure out something for tomorrow night. I have yet to do my homework for my classes and should probably get that done for monday so that I don’t fall behind.

I think I am going to go to that store previously mentioned and weigh in so I have some sort of idea of where Im at (gained or lost) and go from there. I think maybe tomorrow is just going to be some sort of long walk somewhere, if possible. Maybe even some picture taking for the memories.

I don’t have any pictures that show much of anything for my body type right now but I will get some.

Unfortunately, tonight’s blog is not going to be so long. But I just wanted to quickly update this and get on with what I need to, but so far, No progress to report although my eating habits have yet to improve further.

Enjoy your night everyone…Im obviously a bit spacey.

Yours Truly,


A little discouraged…

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Yesterday I missed my blog but only because I started writing it in school and then went to a church event with my boyfriend.

I had a fairly successful day yesterday aside from the fact that I ate WAY TOO MUCH after I did REALLY REALLY GOOD. :[

Instead of going for the school’s typical pizza, I had a salad composed of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers dressed with light ranch and a side of chocolate milk (well portioned because it was a school carton thing!) But went bad when I got home because I had to eat something small-ish since the church event lasted four-ish hours and when I got home, my parents had said they were going to make dinner and didn’t so I had to find something and the first thing I found was sandwich stuff. NOT the best choice but, oh well!

Then after my boyfriend dropped me off from the church event, I sorta, kinda, blew everything off. Like, legitimately just went to bed and didn’t even feel as if I had slept when I woke up for school. So, I’m thinking that I REALLY REALLY REALLY need sleep. I also really need to clean my room and write a two page essay for my Intro to Psych class on wednesday… But that’s a different story.

As anyone who (probably isn’t) reading this may notice, I’ve been a bit discouraged. Not only because right now “date night” is financially struggling but because NO ONE HAS LEFT PROOF THAT THEY HAVE READ MY BLOGS!

I know, I know, 3fc’s is not about publicity or popularity or anything, but I get a little down when I don’t have any support (or when it feels like I don’t have any support.) I just like knowing that someone is hearing/reading me and has some sort of encouragement/support for me. Especially, lately as I’ve been in a bit of a slump.

I’ve been really anxious about the whole going to a gym situation. I’m good around people socially but Im very uncomfortable physically. Im totally self-conscious and things just get really confusing and intimidating when Im around people. I keep telling myself that I could just use music to drown out everything around me, but then I get worried about if there’s going to be some sort of catastrophe that’s going to happen and I don’t hear someone trying to get my attention.

I also still have that little “scale” problem. Yeah, I don’t have one and my mother nearly shot flames from her eyes when I mentioned buying one for the house. She droned on about the same old excuse. That if you get a scale and only lose a little weight but fit back into an old pair of jeans when you were twenty pounds lighter, the scale will just bring you down but if you don’t have a scale accessible, then you only know you’re losing weight. Good and valid points, yes, but my goals are MUCH BIGGER than a pair of jeans. They’re MY HEALTH.

I know that getting down to my current goal weight will get to a place where starting to strengthen my knees will be possible and until I get to my current goal weight, I have to take it easy on my body. I guess my mother doesn’t understand that, and I guess oh, well.

Anyway, I think Im going to go harp at my parents to make dinner because I am CRAVING it! Healthy with a side of maybe not so healthy but not so bad. Steak, potatoes and onions, mushrooms, and salad. Yup, heaven on earth for this fat chick. ;]

Oh! And just a bit of good news to end this off (not that it relates to weight loss, but it relieves a bit of stress!). I found out today that the state of Maine’s high school graduates credit requirement is 17, my school requires 23, most students graduate with 23 to 24 credits from our school, and after this year, I am graduating with 28! I have been so excited about this ALL DAY, especially after I had gotten letters saying that I had missed too many days of school to earn credits for anything and my principal is going to waive them because I was excused from all of them! GIVES ME MOTIVATION TO JUST EXERCISE! I really actually just want to run because of how excited I am!

So, yea, good news shared! Enjoy your nights!

Yours Truly,


Just not feelin’ it.

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I almost didn’t even change my font to write this and its only four clicks. :/

I’m beyond exhausted and I think Im just going to go to bed. Been sick and I’ve been late to school all this week and I just need to get some rest!

So no updates today. Didn’t eat much of anything and what I did eat sucked (dried out baked mac and cheese)….



Date Nights With A Twist!

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Sitting here with my boyfriend, we were looking up dance instruction videos on Netflix. Well, we couldn’t find any worth viewing (there was only one fitness video available on que and it was the Jersey Shore guy, I guess?) so we started looking up gym memberships.

Lately, date night has been all about food and movies or going some place then having dinner. We went to a hockey game for our first date then had dinner at Olive Garden. Our second date night, as most might have read, was pizza, 6″ subs, and mozzarella sticks. Yea, talk about a “healthy relationship”! Hahaha!

So I got looking at our nearest gym and they have memberships for reasonable prices ($7 walk-ins and go from there) but they’re also pretty popular with the locals and I am a bit…well…shy when it comes to doing anything around anyone who doesn’t know me well enough. My boyfriend mentioned that his work (a ski resort about an hour from us) has a fitness gym and he gets discounts and they have student discounts.

See, my boyfriend of current (and I say this because Im still young yet and this could change at any time and has before) is supportive of everything I want to do and everything I am doing. He’s even trying to help me get a job and my license so that I can get my life going somewheres. My boyfriend even offered to drive me to and from work (as long as nothing got in the way, such as gas or his work hours), if need be. I do have to say, he’s pretty great to me.

Anyway, I got looking into the whole prices and such and found that $24 dollars for walk-in single day gym passes was a bit ridiculous when there was a $30 open-ended membership and he gets half off for working there. Me being the bad girlfriend I am, probably wouldn’t feel guilty at all if he spent the money on US to go for date nights. In fact, I’d probably justify it as I’m losing weight, he’s helping by bringing me and paying, and he’s getting in shape because he’s a firefighter and probably wouldn’t get off his arse himself because videogames take priority too often.

As for before or after date night…We’d have to eat something so I’d probably suggest a clean and very food savvy place for a low cal dinner like a large salad or steamed veggies!

Okay, that’s making me hungry when I just ate dinner (bad girl again…had a HUGE plate of turkey pot pie smothered in black pepper!) and don’t need to be hungry. Then again, my bail card for a before bed snack, thanks to my momma, is either a granola bar, oatmeal, or fruit bar, just because they’re all fairly low cal and incredibly filling!

So, anyway, back to the whole fitness membership thing…

What I really want to do is take yoga classes with the gym membership but the only ones offered around me are like super expensive and I’m not going to ask anyone to pay for those. I mean, I could just as easily go and buy some sort of yoga instructional videos and have someone spot me or join me and save the extra fees.

But then again, biggest problem here is money, since I don’t have a job and all. :[

I just really hope that “Date Night” turns into “MOVE YOUR ARSE!!!” night. That would be amazing, and would help BOTH of us out sooo much! It’s almost worth bugging my parents for the money to do it or even getting my sister into it. She would so benefit not only from this site but a membership where she can work her butt off (not that she doesn’t already being the go-to at a popular pizza joint in the town she lives in)! I just know that if I can lose the weight, get in shape, and feel better, I’m never going to leave this man! Hahaha! :]

On another note, I have yet to weigh myself due to lack of a scale. I’m tempted to go steal my boyfriend’s and bring it here so that I have a fairly nice one…His family doesn’t like cheap stuff! But I’m sure that my grandparents’ scale will work just fine until I can afford one on my own.

I did happen to put a ticker up on my “third page”. I chose the title and the images due to a sort of connection and “Ah-hah!” moment I had today in class.

When I was younger, I read a book about this caterpillar who was very hungry (Hence the title “The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and it went on a binge eating spree, much like what I’ve been doing. As time continues on, it makes a cocoon and begins to take the journey of transforming into a butterfly. For me, my cocoon is simply losing the weight to become a much more beautiful person.

Sure, Im beautiful now, just as I am, but I want to be AMAZINGLY gorgeous. And, with a little time and effort, that will happen. I just need to tone up these thunder thighs, tighten my pregnant looking belly, and give my arms and chin a lift and tuck and things will be muuuch better!

I’ll feel amazing, look beautiful, and know just how much I’ve been through and how tough I really am.

Anywho! I think it’s about time I go and figure out financial stuff and make dates, or date night plans. Here’s to losing weight, being healthier, and looking great!

Good night everyone!

Love Always,

Sophie <3

Murphy’s Law.

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So if anyone knows about Murphy’s Law you know that it means “Anything bad that can happen will.” Or that you’re just cursed with bad luck. I happen to be cursed with bad luck.

I woke up this morning with a REALLY REALLY bad sore throat and couldn’t breathe too easily. My grandparents were the only reason I woke up early this morning because they kept calling since we were all asleep and they live next door to us so they can see if our lights are on or off. Regardless, it took forever for my mom to get up and a remedy for my sore throat was not expressed until I gave in to ignoring breakfast foods and simply just having a cup of tea.

It was about the time that I realized that I didn’t have gym today so anything I planned to do today won’t happen until tomorrow unless I participate in another class’ activities.

Anyway, I have to admit that for as hungry as I am…my school’s lunches are disgusting. I chose not to have their mystery meat tacos and to go with a salad. Lucky me, the salad had dried ham chunks every now and then so it’s currently sitting half eaten on my desk. Yup, EW! At least I was lucky enough to have 75 cents for a small bag of Smartfood popcorn. Gotta love back up plans!

At least Im trying to be conscious of what I eat and not just eating everything thats in sight. Although, my friend forced me to eat a cookie that I shouldn’t have. But it was just ONE cookie!

I can’t wait for tomorrow. I really want to sweat my butt off! Not really, but it means that I might lose some weight so Im willing to do something!

Anyway, I need to get back to class and get my stomach to stop hurting! Im such a bad girl for using my school laptop for blogging but I had to share that my lunch was DISGUSTING!!!

Stupid school food…

Yours truly,


I didn’t miss yesterday’s blog! I Swear!

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As the title reads, I didn’t miss yesterday’s blog, only wrote it a bit differently than normal! Instead of the plain “About” page, mine is “FluffySophie and all she entails”. Yea, corny, I know. But, hey! Who cares!? We’re on this site for support and weight loss, right!? So, why care about silly titles?

Anyway, yesterday was a bad food day for me. I started off with a small breakfast; cheese on french bread toast and no sugar added hot chocolate. Then for lunch I kind of skipped real food and went straight for junk food since I was at the movies with my grandparents; Joyful Noise with popcorn, tootsie rolls, and starburst! After that, I came home and had four sugar free chocolate chip cookies (probably shouldn’t have but oh well!) and then ate dinner which was a big old fashioned Turkey dinner with Turkey, gravy, whipped potatoes, peas, stuffing, and green bean casserole. Yea, I know, Im a bad kid. And tonight’s dinner is worse! Turkey Pot Pie! Of course you have to add how much pepper I use on my food that clears up most illnesses and viruses, and how much of it I eat or if I add jellied cranberry sauce to determine just HOW BAD it is. But I have gym class three days this week so it shouldn’t be all that bad!

Now for a rant…

This morning was -20°f out and our fernace broke and pipes froze so its been rather cold. I was forced to stay in bed due to a slightly progressing head cold and the fact that my bed is the warmest place in the house presently! Im also pretty sure some of the pipes broke because I could hear my step father cussing something out after going outside and checking the heater source for defrosting them. Im just hoping it wasn’t the hot water tank because thats right on the interior of my wall!

Alright, rant over, but a few things on my mind? First starting with the fact that I haven’t eaten or drank/drunk/had a drink of anything this morning except for a cough drop! That’s right folks, IM SICK! :[ Head and chest cold that is just getting worse which means that if it gets to a certain point, I am not going to want to do ANYTHING during gym class or even at school. Not that I ever have done much of anything thus far…I mean, even my English teacher emailed both me and my mother about my writing portfolio not being in on time and blah blah blah. It just really irritates me that teachers don’t consider any playing factors such as maybe a HUGE snow storm and that half their students live on private roads that might have, I don’t know, ICED OVER!?

ARGHHH! Okay, that turned into another rant. Which means now I have to justify it as something because this isn’t supposed to be ranting and general talk its supposed to be weight loss and fitness, right? Well, I guess you could say that school is a HUGE stressor in my life. It bothers me to no end and I even plan to continue on after high school which just might stress me out even more. Hell! I’ve already got a hand full of gray hair scattered through my hair…Well, not exactly gray because I had red placed throughout my hair which made them vibrantly red but Im sure you get the gist ;]

So Im hoping to find out just how much the Zoomba (?) dance instruction videos are and if we can afford them. I need a way to work off these pounds especially since I joined the Valentine’s day challenge. Only a few more weeks until my mini goal deadline. I set it for 10 pounds less than my actual weight and I wont be upset if I don’t get that much because I know that ANY weight lost or gained is just even more motivation to try harder!

I have yet to even get close to filling my minimum forum post quota and Id really like twenty days to fly by so that I can have a signature on my posts in the forums. I wouldn’t mind especially the weight counters everyone has too. As Im writing this, Im realizing that I need to take a little time outside my busy schedule to sit down and learn the ropes more on this site. I mean, I understand the basics, but I just need to get into the more difficult things or, more, the things that I haven’t quite learned yet.

Anyway, thats enough for now. My boyfriend is out of work early and I need to get some homework done! Enjoy your day everyone!

Yours Truly,


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